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priscilla replied to topic Eczema face bleeding, advise please

Hi First Time Mum, You must be so heartbroken seeing your little one like this - and exhausted from trying to stop her from scratching..... I know the feeling. I would get so frustrating with my...

Tuesday 08 August 02:13pm

priscilla replied to topic Cairns Mums

Three more weeks until the big move back home!!! YAY!!!!! I'm very excited but am DREADING the packing...... I've been putting it off for the last two weeks and now i'm starting to panick. Lucki...

Tuesday 02 May 10:08am

priscilla replied to topic Food Routines?

Cameron's (7mths) food routine is pretty basic. 2 tablespoons of Farex with 2 cubes of vege mixed in. At the moment the vege is pumpkin. THis is for brekkie, lunch and dinner. I would LOVE to g...

Sunday 23 April 06:27pm

priscilla replied to topic Starting solids at 4.5 months old

With Cameron, I just started by giving him a couple of baby spoons of pumpking & sweet mash (the heinz range) just before a breastfeed. Sometimes he preferred to have a breastfeed first so I just ...

Thursday 20 April 07:50am

priscilla replied to topic The Australian Baby Whisperer on Sunrise this morning

Darkandstormy you live saver!!!!! I missed it this morning!!!! Thanks for the website, I'm checking it out now!

Thursday 06 April 11:20am

priscilla started new topic The career before the baby.....

Hi all, Out of curiosity, what did you do for a living before you had your bundle of joy/s? Are you a stay at home mum now and do you think the grass is greener on the other side? Single or part...

Tuesday 28 March 11:44am

priscilla replied to topic Cairns mum&mum to be want@start relaxed walking group

Hi Mel, Sounds good to me too. You can count me in although I'm not in Cairns yet. I will be moving up to Cairns in May.... but please let me know if you do as I'd love to join!

Monday 27 March 10:05pm

priscilla replied to topic HANDS IN MOUTH ALL THE TIME

Hi, Yes my son does that too. He does it when he's on my boob feeding - he'll try to shove his thumb in there. It's almost as if he's being a real greedy little bugger!!! Very cute and funny to...

Friday 24 March 09:54am

priscilla replied to topic I HATE my pram, does anyone know of a good one???

Hi Nat, There are two which I think are good: 1. Steelcraft Lite STroller - this is the LIGHTEST one on the market. It's only 4.5 kgs!!!! I've only seen it at Toys R Us in Cairns so I'm not su...

Friday 24 March 08:29am

priscilla replied to topic does anyone out there still rock their baby to sleep???

Hi Lisa09, I just previewed my post and just to warn you, it's loooooooooooooooong. Sorry! Yep I rock my 6mth boy to sleep. He's 8.5 kg so I'm getting exhausted quicker and quicker. He's not...

Thursday 23 March 01:53pm
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