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CH091007 replied to topic Breastfeeding solution

I also don't exactly 'let it all hang out', actually most of the time when we are out and about I am wearing DD in a ring sling and just bf her in that which is very discreet. I just think it's rid...

Sunday 23 December 09:06pm

CH091007 replied to topic freezing breast milk

I just get the avent ones from the chemist but if you cant get any try mothersdirect (ABA) they stock them and you can get them by mail order.

Saturday 22 December 11:28pm

CH091007 replied to topic Unsucsessful B/F with 1st 2 babies...

I agree with all PP has said, and join the ABA, they will send you a fantastic book if you subscribe and you can contact counsellors (you can also contact them for support if you don't subscribe) a...

Saturday 22 December 11:26pm

CH091007 replied to topic Steralising

If you are planning to BF then you don't have to sterlise your breastpump, any bottles you use for EBM etc as your breastmilk itself is sterile, just wash in hot water, rinse and dry on clean paper...

Saturday 22 December 11:20pm

CH091007 replied to topic Chronic Leakage!!! Breast pad suggestions please!

I use the rite aid ones with a cloth washable one inside that or else they make my nipples itchy from the moisture due to plastic lining. But they are good as they are so big. I also have 2 boobyb...

Saturday 22 December 11:18pm

CH091007 replied to topic At last a breastfeeding solution

Mmm sorry I agree with PP, I would never feel the need to use something to cover up so much when BF, it's a shame women are made to feel the need for things like that. I am proud to BF in public a...

Saturday 22 December 11:16pm

CH091007 replied to topic Any POSITIVE induction tales?

Well I was induced (ARM and drip) with my first due to slow progression, he was large and also posterior, had no problems, it was pretty intense but did it without drugs. I am being induced on Mon...

Tuesday 02 October 09:57am

CH091007 replied to topic middle name to go with charlotte

My little girl is going to be Charlotte Hayley (after myself)!

Saturday 22 September 06:18pm

CH091007 replied to topic SLINGS OR HARNESSES????

I borrowed a harness style one and used it with my son, glad I borrowed because I hardly used it. I have bought a sling style one to use with the next, it was about $80 the brand is Ryoku and it's ...

Saturday 22 September 06:15pm

CH091007 replied to topic Talking

Well I was really glad to get on here and read these posts. My 17mth old son says a fair few words eg; mum dad nanna doggy meowmeow (cat) birdie ta and more but I just read on another website about...

Friday 13 July 07:25pm

CH091007 replied to topic Best Mopping Detergent For Tiles

My FIL is a tiler and put tiles all through our house and told me the best thing to mop them with was metho in a bucket of hot water.

Wednesday 25 April 06:28pm

CH091007 replied to topic Catching ur wee!!!!!!!

Well my doc gives me a kidney dish - obviously doesn't trust my aim. When I know in advance he gives me the little cup to just bring it from home and then I do it into an icecream container and ti...

Thursday 29 March 05:51pm

CH091007 started new topic Anthony Callea

Is gay! I just have to say DUH! Why did he bother trying to hide it?? Bet there's a few disappointed 13yo girls out there today!,22606,21449930-5006301...

Wednesday 28 March 06:25am

CH091007 replied to topic DAVID HICKS - WHAT DO YOU THINK

Absolutely. The UK got their citizens out, tried them fairly in their own court, and they were released as it couldn't be proven they had committed any crime. JH seems to be taking the issue up n...

Wednesday 14 February 07:42pm

CH091007 started new topic Goodbye

Goodbye from me for the time being............ Yes that's right ladies, got my BFP this morning! YAY! Good luck to all those still trying and lots of baby dust to share around............. X X X...

Monday 12 February 07:28pm

CH091007 started new topic My baby is always sick!

And he doesn't even go to childcare! He had a cold, then BAD gastro, then got a sinus infection and just got over that now we have diarrheoa (sp)...... Is it just my baby? Or do other babies get ...

Saturday 23 December 06:31pm

CH091007 started new topic MSN

Due to recent 'events' on here I have deleted a large number of addy's from my MSN. Unless I know who you are personally I won't be adding any more either. Sorry if I have offended anyone by dele...

Tuesday 19 December 10:35am

CH091007 started new topic A baby has drowned in the Torrens

Did anyone see this on the news they actually had footage of police trying to revive the baby. I had to leave the room so sad and scary.,22606,20931724-...

Saturday 16 December 04:41pm

CH091007 replied to topic Straw or Spout

My DS is 10 months and is on three formulas a day. Two of these he has in bottle but has the other one from a tommee tippee straw cup. He also can't work out the tipping up so I am happy with the ...

Thursday 14 December 08:18am

CH091007 replied to topic what's your "can't be bothered " dinner?

Yum 2 min noodles are my favorite tea....... DF does a fair bit of shift work and I love arvo shift cos I don't have to cook, I will either have 2 min noodles, bacon or a sandwich! Or pies and pa...

Tuesday 12 December 06:21pm
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