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Angus' mum

Angus' mum replied to topic never ending nappy rash

The only thing I can think of is fresh air. Leave nappy off for as long as possible!!!!!!!!!! A bit messy but it works. I have never tried this but some people swear by it. It's paw paw cream. C...

Saturday 25 March 08:29am
Angus' mum

Angus' mum replied to topic Can u help? any suggestions appreciated. 19 month boy

My son is nearly 16 months. Control crying is the only answer.( easy for me to say I don;t have 2 babies!!) i was booked in for my 2nd residential stay at tresillian 1 month ago. He was waking up t...

Friday 24 March 08:50am
Angus' mum

Angus' mum replied to topic Dropping Afternoon Bottle

My bub is 15 months and always hated formula. Only drank 120mls 4 times a day if i was lucky. Went to 3 bottles a day at 9 months. And was still a fight until cows' milk started. Still has 3 bottle...

Tuesday 21 March 12:10pm
Angus' mum
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