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El started new topic what symptoms have you had

Hi, Well i just wanted to start a topic about what symptoms ladys have had. At the mopment im ttc #2 and my AF is due 10th of may and i have had sore boobs and i feel sick in the belly. I have als...

Tuesday 09 May 11:10am

El replied to topic he doesnt want me back :-(

Hi Kellie, I was once in your situation i was 5 weeks preggy and the father was cheating on me i knew about it but i didnt want to leave him. He didnt really care about me or the baby. I was ...

Wednesday 26 April 06:55am

El replied to topic Has anyone got pregnant when they were late taking b/c pill?

Hi with my first i forgot 1 pill and 4 weeks later i was preggy. but that doesnt mean its going to happen to everyone. and now im trying for my second and we have been trying for 6 months now and s...

Friday 21 April 07:22am

El replied to topic 2 weeks 2 go and died??!!!!!

Yeah its not a nice subject but i knew a girl she had about 8 weeks to go and she got pains so she went to the doctor and he said things "were fine go home" 2 weeks later and the same pains come ba...

Thursday 20 April 09:29am

El replied to topic when is right?

Hi I have been in a situation like yours. I was with a guy for just over a month and i found out i was 4 weeks pregnant i was 18 at the time i told him he was really happy about it and so was his f...

Thursday 20 April 09:17am

El started new topic best diet while ttc

Hi everyone if anyone has any good tips on what sort of diet is good while ttc would be handy. I heard that folis acid is a good one for you when you are ttc so im going to give that a go. Im tryin...

Wednesday 12 April 09:31am

El replied to topic doing the whole pregnancy all by myself!!!!! - pregnant teen.

Hi sarah my name is emma and i fell pregnant when i was 18 by the time my son was born i was 19. The father of him was a loser aswel all he did was drink only thought of himself. He was also cheati...

Saturday 01 April 02:40pm

El started new topic Any Young mums from Hervey bay QLD

Hi im a 20 year old mum with an almost 17 month old son. i have lived in hervey bay for almost 2 years. i have a boyfriend he works all week and its very hard to make friends that dont have a baby....

Wednesday 22 March 02:29pm

El started new topic wanting to fall pregnant

Me and my partner have been trying for another baby we have a 16 mth old son already. We have been trying for 5 months now how can we increse our chances of falling pregnant again? should we see a ...

Tuesday 14 March 03:27pm

El started new topic Where do i begin toilet training

I have a 16 mth old son and i want to start toilet training him. I have got him a potty but when i sit him on it he starts to cry and wants to get off. How do i get him to like sitting on the potty?

Tuesday 14 March 12:30pm
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