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Bec L

Bec L started new topic When or do we have another child after twins?

Hi i was just wanting to hear when some people out there had their next baby after having multiples? My twins will be two in july and we had no intention of having another child atleast for another...

Sunday 16 April 05:35pm
Bec L

Bec L replied to topic Mum's With Two Year Olds.

Hi my name is bec and I also come fromNSW I have twin boys who will 2 in July. I use to worry when they were younger that it would be so hard to have two year olds, but it hasnt been that harder if...

Saturday 01 April 12:32pm
Bec L

Bec L started new topic father does not do that much house work

Hi everyone, I feel like I have been winging alot lately about motherhood, but most things are going fine. I love being a mum but I thought I would see if anyone can help me with this. Lately I fee...

Friday 31 March 05:36am
Bec L

Bec L replied to topic Does anyone still has pregnancy belly?

Hi stephaniesmum, did you have a cesearean or big new born? This could be your problem. I know people often have fat or loose skin, but you seem to have a pretuding pregnant tum! like I have. I kno...

Thursday 30 March 07:47pm
Bec L

Bec L replied to topic Anyone made a complaint to the hospital about your post-natal care?

Dear Ninasmum, wow your story is so similiar to mine. I feel sorry that you went through all that at a time that is meant to be the most wonderful experience of your life. I'm sorry to write back a...

Thursday 30 March 07:18pm
Bec L

Bec L replied to topic the Blues!

Hope you are feeling better and not so depressed My name is bec and I have some days when I am down and other days I feel so great. I think with me even though I love being a mum, I have always lik...

Thursday 30 March 11:41am
Bec L

Bec L replied to topic 16 Month old bites!

Hi its me again. I read the replies to this message and most of you said you have tried the biting back approach. I know all children are different, but I know my 19month old son would not understa...

Wednesday 15 March 07:33pm
Bec L

Bec L replied to topic 16 Month old bites!

Hi I have twin 19month old boys. One started biting a couple of months ago. He only bites his brother when wanting a toy or sometimes bites me when he is being affectionate - thinking this is the w...

Wednesday 15 March 07:20pm
Bec L

Bec L replied to topic how do you love two?

I think it was quite easy for me as I had my two boys at the same time - them being twins. I use to worry about spending equal amounts of time with them and loving them equally. I feel I give them ...

Wednesday 15 March 06:49pm
Bec L

Bec L started new topic Not eating crusts!!!!!!!!

My two boys use to eat everything. Now at 19months are developing likes and dislikes!! If I leave crusts on sandwitches they nibble and throw most of sanwitch or hide it . If I take crusts off the...

Tuesday 07 March 08:06pm
Bec L

Bec L replied to topic my kids will not play with there toys

My two 19mth olds go through stages when they play with toys and then when they dont play them. I have statrted to just put out a few toys at a time, and when they become bored with these put these...

Sunday 05 March 12:13pm
Bec L
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