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AngeG replied to topic Rubella..?What do I do??

Hi there I had this but didn't know till i had bub. First antinatal bloods i had done I was told all was fine but when I had bub the hosp weren't happy with my levels. I was given a vaccination bef...

Friday 16 May 04:11pm

AngeG replied to topic Not enough fluid

Hi There I probably no help to you but this happened to me but it was discovered at 41wks. Bub didn't have a very good heart rate either and was told I had to have bubs with in the next 24hrs. i be...

Thursday 13 March 06:46pm

AngeG replied to topic Waters broken or broke themselves?

Hi There With DS Waters broke on there own at 35wks progressed straight into labour. DD1 was induced at 41wks. Was 3cm dilated so they just broke my waters. Was horrible was so hard to do not sure ...

Wednesday 12 March 07:10pm

AngeG replied to topic Just asking for some advice???

hi there renee87 I know exactly how you feel. I had DD1 in Melbourne oct05 having had DS in NZ. I found that most people either had an Ob or they just went through the Hospital and had whoever was ...

Wednesday 12 March 06:23pm

AngeG replied to topic previous premmie baby's

Hi There Like you I had my son at 35wks for no medical reason waters broke and labour started within an hr. Went on 2 yrs later to have a daughter at 41wks, had to induced by rupturing my membrane...

Sunday 02 March 05:45pm

AngeG replied to topic tired at 20 weeks

Hi There. Yes this is usually when you start to feel a little better but it is different for everyone. Talk to your dr/midwife as it is possible that you could have low iron levels and this can ma...

Saturday 01 March 09:32am

AngeG replied to topic WroNg SeX

This is usually why you can't find out the sex of the baby before you 20wk scan. Girls genitals can appear very enlarged and swollen like early on and therefore can be mistaken as a boy. If thoug...

Saturday 23 February 05:56pm

AngeG replied to topic WroNg SeX

hi There yes it is true that if identified as a boy it is likely to be a boy. However girls can come out boys as sometimes their bits can be hiding away. I have found out with all mine but as I a...

Friday 22 February 07:32pm

AngeG replied to topic Which was harder?

I have 3 but not sure which was harder they both have had their challenges but if I had to pick maybe 2 to 3. Although when no3 came along I had a 3.5yr DS and a 17mt DD. I am one that likes to ...

Friday 22 February 07:08pm

AngeG replied to topic elivit vs blackmores gold

I took Blackmores for all 3 pregnancies. When I had DD1 thanks was what the hospital recommended to take. Although I think that was Pre Elivit. Blackmores is cheaper particularly if you take it ...

Friday 22 February 06:56pm

AngeG replied to topic Which Breastpads?

Hi there when I had dd1 was living in Aus and used Rite Aid. Found them fantastic very similar to Pigeon but heaps cheaper. Tried Johnsons but like lil emma found them really thick and showed thr...

Thursday 21 February 06:47pm

AngeG replied to topic Missed my own baby shower to give birth!

Hi simpsons Congratulations on the arrival of your wee girl. I know what you mean about pushing that baby out. That overwhelming feeling of relief and love. I've got 3 and not allowed anymore. I...

Monday 18 February 04:37pm

AngeG replied to topic any help?

Hi Tyronne Yes as the others said this means that the size of your pelvis is too small to allow the baby to descend often this means you would have to have c-sections. It's a shame that no one rea...

Friday 15 February 06:18pm

AngeG replied to topic Any mum's with premi babys ???

Hi There Hi I hope that all is going well for you. I was in your position a little over 4yrs ago. I was 35wks when my waters broke and went into labour. My DS was born a healthy 6lb 8oz. He was...

Tuesday 18 December 10:36am

AngeG replied to topic Tommie Tippee or Avent bottles

Hi just thought I would add my thoughts. With my first 2 I just used cheap bottles from the supermarket with tommee tippee orthodontic teats and had no probs. With No 3 had to introduce 1 formula...

Saturday 01 December 09:37am

AngeG replied to topic WHAT POSITION???

Hi Vanessa I have had 3 children all natural pain relief free and lying flat on my back. Very old fashioned and a bit boring really. With DS was 35wks spent alot of time in the shower and bath an...

Tuesday 20 November 06:38pm

AngeG replied to topic does anyone

Hi Becstar88 I had a friend who wanted to try and deliver her daughter breech. She went intolabour a 35wks but there was only one Dr who would deliver breech babies naturally and he wasn't avaliab...

Friday 16 November 09:48am

AngeG replied to topic 37 week check up

Hi d83 I had a similar experience at 35wks with DS. Has a check up with my midwife and she couldn't feel his head but thought that maybe he had turned breech and in an awkward position. She said ...

Friday 16 November 09:39am

AngeG replied to topic anyone who had a premmie 1st time?

Hi There I had my DS at 35wks. Early but not too early. Have since had 2 more children. DD#1 41wks and DD#2 40wks 3days. With DS my waters broke at 35wks and went into labour straight away no on...

Monday 12 November 05:09pm

AngeG replied to topic Should I pack two bags to take to the hospital?

Hi Isn't packing your bags a whole lot of fun. I think that I packed and re packed mine a hundred times before I settled on what I wanted. I think that it's really a case of if there is anything...

Monday 12 November 04:57pm
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