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Noodle started new topic Please someone help me 3 and half year old boy not TT!!

I have a three and half year old not TT, i have done everything i can think of. He has done three wees in potty but thats in past three months. He can do everything else. He wont even wee out sid...

Tuesday 11 August 07:55am

Noodle replied to topic truck driving dads and how do mothers cope

Hi ladies, my DP is a truck driver, not interstate tho. He works for a company that moves cattle from one end of QLD to the other. sometimes he can be gone all week, or he is home for the night and...

Friday 01 August 04:25pm

Noodle started new topic Hello danniL

Hi danniL, i hope next bub will be diff this time. I did do all the correct things with Toby, he never fell alseep in my arms, and when somebody come over and he was asleep i never let them pick h...

Wednesday 03 October 06:32am

Noodle replied to topic March 2006 Babies

Hi Amber, yes Toby is doing heaps now, its like all of a sudden he has grown up!! I am like, oh where is my baby gone? I am keen to have nother bub in sep or octo next year. Dont want them to be...

Monday 09 July 05:43pm

Noodle replied to topic He sleeps in our bed ...

Oh i am so glad to hear that other ppl do it too. I thought i was the only one and never told anybody!! Toby 15 months old, i do put him in the cot to go to sleep, but he wakes during the night so...

Tuesday 19 June 04:32pm

Noodle replied to topic March 2006 Babies

Hello Amber, my boy Toby was born on 15th March 2006 at 7.56pm. A week after his 1st birthday he weigh 14kg! He was 8lb 10 an half oz when born. Wow you are going again!! with #2! good on you. I...

Tuesday 19 June 04:18pm

Noodle replied to topic South Burnett Mummies?

Hi Megan, i dont live in Kingaroy but not far from it. I have a 10 month old son. And i am shhhhh 30!! Dont like the sound of 30 but anyways its only a number!! Talk soon and take care now

Sunday 28 January 10:32pm

Noodle started new topic Lonely Mummy, need a friend....

Hello Ladies, Just looking for someone to talk to about life and all the crazy things that go on in the world. I live on a farm, dont have much contact with alot of people. Just a bit lonely. ...

Sunday 28 January 10:29pm

Noodle replied to topic Looking for South Burnett mums

Hello Nikki, i live in the south burnett. So Happy to see south burnett. Makes me feel soooo at home. Looking forwad to you reply. Til then take care and talk soon.

Thursday 14 September 06:42pm

Noodle started new topic Baby Wakes at 4am!!!

Hello just wondering if any other bub wakes at 4am? After going to bed at 7.30Pm. Driving me crazy!! And does not sleep much during the day. Please Help me.

Thursday 14 September 06:11pm

Noodle started new topic Any Bubs Born at Kingaroy Hospital 2006

Wanting to talk to any ladies that had bubs at Kingaroy Hospital 2006

Thursday 14 September 05:29pm

Noodle replied to topic Help I have had enough

Hello Baby R, My heart goes out to you. I feel the same way as you. I did not put on any weight when i was prego, but i have now, and its driving me crazy. Only 4 kg, but it feels like 20 kg!! ...

Thursday 14 September 05:02pm

Noodle started new topic S26 Being Discontinued??

I was in a chemist the other day and i was told that S26 is being discontinued. They said that S26 Gold is closer to breast milk. Has anyone else hear that it will be discontinued? I use it and ...

Tuesday 29 August 01:15pm

Noodle started new topic Any Bubs born 15th March 2006

Any body have bub 15th March 2006?

Thursday 10 August 12:12pm

Noodle replied to topic New mothers

Hello, I am new mother too, my baby boy, Toby was born 15th March. Would love to chat

Thursday 13 July 06:47am

Noodle started new topic Anyone living in isolated area

Just checking out to see if anyone would like to talk

Tuesday 04 July 07:00am

Noodle replied to topic Hiccups ?

I have the same problem, but i have notice that he does not get them every day now. My health nurse told me to rub his shoulder. Sometimes it works some times not. When i was pregnant with him h...

Monday 24 April 12:37pm
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