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Laylah started new topic Wee Targets

Just wondering if anyone has used Wee Targets with success. I've been trying to TT my 3yo for a few months now. We've tried different potties, step stools for the toilet,stickers, reward charts, e...

Friday 30 May 05:41pm

Laylah replied to topic Tubal Ligation and C Section

Hi, I asked about having a tubal ligation done with my second caesar but my doctor told me they don't like to do it at the same time because it doesn't have a very good success rate when your body...

Tuesday 18 March 06:27pm

Laylah started new topic Hurray-he's finally in his bedroom!!

HI everyone, Just had to tell someone-my almost 3yr old is finally sleeping in his own bedroom in his own bed!! I was afraid he'd be in our room till college. He's slept in our bed on and off si...

Monday 17 March 11:22am

Laylah replied to topic Your mannerisms coming through your kids

My eldest son is almost 3 and it's scary how much he's starting to sound like his pop(FIL). I'm not just talking about sayings or phrases here, he's got the timing and inflection perfect-it's so w...

Monday 17 March 11:10am

Laylah replied to topic VBAC for number 2?

Hi, here's my VBAC story. I was induced with my first son, had a 26 hr labour and then an emergency caesar due to failure to progress(only got to 3cms!) I chose to try for a VBAC 15 months later ...

Monday 17 March 10:50am

Laylah started new topic medical termination

Just wondering if anyone else has had to make this decision? I have had two complicated caesars 15month apart. My last one resulted with a bladder repair as my bladder was cut during the operation...

Friday 14 March 06:05pm

Laylah replied to topic Nasty after coming home from in-laws

I have exactly the same problem! My DS1 is 2 1/2 and loves staying at his nanny & poppy's, but is a horror when he gets home. He gets away with anything over there, and doesn't have to share toys o...

Tuesday 15 January 09:39am

Laylah replied to topic What does your toddler (2-3 years) know?

Hi Karen, I wish he took after me LOL! He constantly suprises us-re-reading my post I come across as some pushy mother who doesn't let her kids have any fun and brags all the time, but I did'nt me...

Wednesday 13 June 01:14pm

Laylah replied to topic advice children close in age

I agree-it's not as hard as everyone tells you it will be! My boys are 15 months apart and we wondered how Jay would cope. Being the 1st grandchild he was(is!)constantly spoiled and fussed over. B...

Sunday 10 June 07:32am

Laylah replied to topic My 2 year old refuses to sleep in his own room.

Hi everyone Boy am I glad I'm not the only one with a 2 year old in my bed! You tend to think that all the sleep problems should be sorted out by now. We've only just managed to get our 9 month o...

Sunday 10 June 07:12am

Laylah replied to topic What does your toddler (2-3 years) know?

Jayden has just turned two and like every mum I like to think he's pretty smart! Here's what he can do- *He can count to fifteen and is starting to recognise numbers by sight *He can say his alph...

Sunday 10 June 06:55am

Laylah replied to topic Swearing - any suggestions...... please

My two year old has started saying "f***ing hell" whenever he gets frustrated or drops something. I've found the best thing to do is not make a big deal about it-if you laugh(which is really hard n...

Sunday 10 June 06:37am

Laylah started new topic eye poker

Hi, just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and how to deal with it? My almost two year old son is constantly poking his 8 month old brother in the eyes. Some days he's fine, but other...

Saturday 12 May 11:27am

Laylah replied to topic Clexane or Warfarin?

Hi everyone, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who had to go through this in pregnancy! I had blood clots in my lungs in 2001 and ended up in hospital for 2 weeks-very scary!! I was on Warfa...

Saturday 12 May 11:08am

Laylah replied to topic August 2006 babies!!!!

Hi everyone, My son was an August baby too- Brodie Lawrence 7:51am 26 August 2006 Weight:4480(9lb14oz!!) Length:52.5cm Head:36.5cm He was born by emergency c-section-I tried for a VBAC but was s...

Wednesday 25 April 10:51am

Laylah replied to topic 7 - 8 month old nearly walking????

Hi, I know how you feel! My baby Brodie is almost 8 months too, he's been crawling for weeks now and for the last fortnight has been pulling himself up to his feet on everything!! My other son Jay...

Wednesday 25 April 10:39am

Laylah replied to topic Calling all Mum's with August 2006 Bub's!

Hi to all new mums and bubs! I'm thrilled to announce the safe arrival of Brodie Lawrence, born at 7:51am on Saturday 26th August 2006. Weight - 4.48kg (9lb 14 oz!) Length - 52.5cm Head circ. - 3...

Monday 25 September 12:55pm

Laylah replied to topic Wanting another baby after 6 months!

Hi, My son Jayden was only 6 months old when we found out we were expecting again. After the initial shock and horror ( I had a very difficult labour and birth!) we are now delighted and can't wai...

Thursday 27 April 10:58am

Laylah started new topic Any Hobart mums due in Aug??

Hi everyone, Are there any other Southern Tas mums due in Aug out there? I've already got a 10 month old son Jayden, and am now 21 weeks pregnant with No. 2! I know-what have I got myself into LO...

Tuesday 11 April 11:00am

Laylah started new topic pet names for unborn babies?!

Hi to everyone, Just wondering if anyone else has pet names for their babies in the womb, and what they are? With my first he was always the "Munchkin", even when we found out that he was a boy a...

Sunday 02 April 07:36am
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