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melb replied to topic Nightmares - Interested in other mum's opinions.

I have a 3 year old that started this too. I got rid of her dummies 5 weeks ago and ever since then she was having these night terrors/mares/tantrums????? It takes about an hour to settle her. I...

Saturday 07 March 01:18pm

melb started new topic Got rid of the dummy 2 weeks ago now the tantrums

I told my 3yrs 4mnth old to throw her dummys in the bin 2 weeks ago and she did with not much trouble, but now my problem seems to be tantrums (probably cos she doesn't know what to do with no dumm...

Saturday 21 February 11:46am

melb started new topic What's a good remedy for cleaning urine (wee) off the carpet

I am toilet training my 29 month old and she has had a couple of accidents - weeing on my carpet..... Any good ideas of cleaning and getting wee smell out of your carpets???? Mel

Saturday 29 March 02:02pm

melb replied to topic Which Potty!

Hi I have a little 2 yr old girl and I got the cheapo $8 potty that has been around for years. I got her used to the idea of sitting on the potty and then all of a sudden wants the big toilet and...

Sunday 09 December 09:07pm

melb replied to topic Should I put my 21mnth in Childcare?

Hi everyone Can I now say that I only lasted 2 weeks. The first day she lasted 2 hours and they rang to pick her up and then the next week dropped her off with Dad cos it was Ekka Show Day and he...

Wednesday 05 September 05:17pm

melb started new topic My mum is seeing someone 20 years younger.

I am going on a holiday next week to visit Mum and friends as we moved from this area 2 years ago. Mum has had a border living with her for the past 1.5 years and last night she sprung on me that ...

Saturday 01 September 11:29am

melb replied to topic How do I get him to sleep without feeding him?

My girl is 21 months and still I give her the bottle to get back to sleep and she asks for it. If it works and makes everyone happy then do it I say! Mel

Thursday 09 August 07:04pm

melb replied to topic How do i get my 19mth to go to sleep in her own cot?

My little girl is a bit the same. She was great up untill about 18 months, I would give her a bottle and she would go straight to bed. Then I would let her sleep in my arms and put her to bed now...

Thursday 09 August 06:55pm

melb replied to topic Should I put my 21mnth in Childcare?

Well, it was D Day today!!! Sarah-Jane was fine when I walked out the door as I have talked about it all week...You'll have fun at school and Mummy will drop you off and go and do some work and co...

Thursday 09 August 06:49pm

melb started new topic Should I put my 21mnth in Childcare?

I have a 21mnth old and not sure if/when I should put her in Childcare. I have booked her in to start next week for 1 day a week, but I am having second thoughts now. I have been working 3 nights...

Wednesday 01 August 08:59am

melb replied to topic what time does your toddler go to bed??

Hi Natalie I have a 19month old girl and she goes to bed at 7pm and has done since the day she was born. She wakes at about 7am then has a sleep at about 10.30-11 for 1 to 2 hours. She has dinne...

Wednesday 30 May 08:36am

melb replied to topic Why does he all of a sudden hate the bath?

Hi Tarryn My little girl went through this too at about 18 months. I wrote in as well and a few people came back with suggestions such as having coloured water. Nothing really worked for me. Th...

Wednesday 30 May 08:27am

melb replied to topic Lowering of the cot matress/base

I would do it now cos if she can pull herself up then she may be able to get out. I found it it was no different for the my girl only us cos it takes a bit of getting used to when you put them in ...

Saturday 07 April 05:29pm

melb started new topic Only child - is this a positive or negative

I have a 17 month old girl who is absolutely gorgeous and I don't really want another that so bad that I/we are quite content with the one. It seems society says that you should have the...

Saturday 07 April 05:08pm

melb replied to topic HELP PLEASE!! How to get a 16 mth to sleep properly!

Hi Sadie Is it the molars that are coming through or are they through? I found my little one was like this when teething and the only thing that helped was sleeping with me. How long has this be...

Sunday 04 March 08:56pm

melb started new topic 16mnth gone off having a bath!

My daughter has just turned 16mnths and has gone off having baths for about the last 2 weeks and she doesn't like showers. When she is in the bath she tends to want to stand up all the time - I do...

Tuesday 27 February 11:38am

melb replied to topic Day sleeps are impossible

Hello Is it hot where you are....just a thought, It has been pretty how here and I have a 15month old and I have had to get the pram out a couple of times in the last week and stroll around the ya...

Friday 02 February 10:06am

melb started new topic 14.5mths not going to bed anymore at night.

My 14.5mth old has not gone to bed at night for over a week now. She has got a molar coming through at the moment (3rd in 3 weeks) and when I put her in cot she screams. If I rock her to sleep as...

Tuesday 16 January 09:56am

melb started new topic Has anyone had neighbours complaining about crying!!!

Hi everyone My 14.5 month old has got 3 molars in 3 weeks with one of them only half way through and my neighbour came over the other night at 7pm asking if there was a problem with my toddler as ...

Tuesday 16 January 09:12am

melb replied to topic how to tell the sex with a wedding ring

I did it too!!!! Circles all the way and it was a girl!

Tuesday 26 September 12:41pm
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