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mum2all replied to topic Hypospadias

Hi there. Just sorting my emails and I seen your post. My boy is now 3 years old and so far everything is working well and looking like it should. My youngest boy has just had surgery for the same ...

Tuesday 24 November 11:10am

mum2all replied to topic Finding Out You Were Pregnant

No period symptoms. With my fourth pregnancy I think my body was so clued in that I started feeling nauseous 2-3 days before my period was even due.

Thursday 22 October 11:34am

mum2all replied to topic Pain Relief During Labour

Accept its going to hurt and focus on one contraction at a time. Haven't used any pain medication just a determined mind that it can be done and all is ok even when you feel like your coming a...

Thursday 22 October 11:33am

mum2all replied to topic waking up with really bad pain

How far along are you. I certainly gasp at the pain when my baby baby moves and am currently 33 weeks so its all starting to get a little tight. Even weeks before then it could really hurt, almost ...

Monday 19 October 10:36am

mum2all replied to topic MIL unsupportive of birth plan - HELP.

Hi there. I've had three awesome amazing births at home including my first child and am due to have my fourth in 8 weeks! It sounds like you know what you want and I always say the safest and ...

Sunday 11 October 03:08pm

mum2all replied to topic Tired due to 18 month old still waking

I did what little egg and me+hub+3 are talking about! As horrible as it feels I let my kids cry back to sleep. as long as I knew there was nothing wrong ie dirty nappy. Drinks are not a reason to g...

Friday 09 October 05:09am

mum2all replied to topic Considering having my 4th baby!

Love that comment. "You'll never regret having another but you might regret it if you don't." I'm currently 30 weeks with bub four and while we hadn't planned to have ...

Wednesday 30 September 11:52am

mum2all replied to topic Home birth - Public Perception

Hi there. Don't feel you shouldn't share your decision people just because of what they may say, its your choice after all. I have heard of birthing centres but where I am in NZ I haven&#...

Tuesday 28 July 02:49pm

mum2all replied to topic When does rocking/jiggling your baby become to excessive?

I think if it causes your baby to fall asleep it must be perfectly safe Its good to support the head but if he is enjoying what you are doing I would stick to it.

Friday 10 July 10:25am

mum2all replied to topic Grandparents and religion

Ohh don't our kids just make the cutest comments. Our little family is Christian so we have chosen to raise our kids this way so in that regards its probably a little different but I can say t...

Friday 10 July 10:22am

mum2all replied to topic 7 month old waking every 3 hours at night!

I had this problem with my two oldest. If your willing try a formula feed for their last feed before bed. I did this and lo and behold they literally went from waking every few fours to sleeping (a...

Thursday 02 July 02:29pm


I know this sounds funny but also check your iron levels. For me those symptoms if not pregnancy means iron levels are low which usually happens within a short time after giving birth, for me about...

Friday 26 June 08:19am

mum2all replied to topic need advice on

I would give her a try with out a nappy on knowing she will wet or soil it. The shock of how it feels may be enough to help her recognise the feeling she gets right before it happens. You may find ...

Thursday 25 June 07:24am

mum2all replied to topic 5 week scan no baby. Is that normal?

Yep I've had it happen twice. I have to have a scan early because of medical reasons but with my first two the same thing was said. Sack was measuring perfect for round that time but there was...

Monday 22 June 02:03pm

mum2all replied to topic Would love your opinion .....

Some of our relatives had a baby boy named Otis which is quite similar. I like both versions of the name. If you like it go with it, doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks in the end.

Monday 22 June 09:25am

mum2all replied to topic Retained placenta question

I haven't personally but my mother did with one of her births (well most had come out but some had not) I don't know if that makes a difference. For the following two they had an injectio...

Saturday 20 June 09:21am

mum2all replied to topic Staying dry through the night

You could try changing him before his feed, assuming he is still feeding, and then the feed should resettle him after.

Wednesday 10 June 09:12am

mum2all replied to topic Wall decals

Try starting at the corner of one decal and slowly pulling the backing of as you push onto the wall, a bit like you would apply that plastic wrap stuff on school books?

Wednesday 10 June 09:10am

mum2all replied to topic Too young?

It has not a lot to do with age and a whole lot more to do with stability. I had just turned 20 with my first and am now 25 expecting number 4

Wednesday 10 June 09:08am

mum2all replied to topic washing clothes

I've always just used the same products I would for our own clothes but do always invest in a good stain remover. My babies have never had an issue.

Saturday 06 June 08:09am
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