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Jes74 replied to topic Night Terrors!!!

WOW!! took my 3 and half yr old to doc's other day with similar issues as listed and nice not alone. He gave me PPP sheet which really described my DD (u can get from clinic nurse). Hang in there

Tuesday 01 September 04:44pm

Jes74 replied to topic BREASTFEEDING 21mth old

Hi, Smile! that's better, you'd never be a horrible mum if you worry about doing the best for your bub (which you are doing). Can't give you much advice except say hang in there. my bub at 13mt...

Friday 07 September 09:48am

Jes74 replied to topic my 1year has never slept through the night and im waiting to go to the sleep schools

Hi, I took my then 11mth old to sleep school and haven't looked back since. it was an awful long week but the benefits have been worthwhile, they taught me more to listen to the crys as opposed t...

Wednesday 29 August 08:42am

Jes74 replied to topic Healthy Toddler Snacks

This can be used as snack or i use it for dinner. Cut a w/meal muffin in half and top with tom paste, ham, cheese, pineapple etc and grill/bake like a mini pizza. i also take cold to the park as ...

Tuesday 28 August 09:57am

Jes74 replied to topic Throws food the minute its near her...

Hi frustrated Mum, My girl is the same, i've done susction and she pulled em off. all i do is put food on the table of highchair a bit at a time, some days we get gold and she'll eat real well the...

Saturday 25 August 07:15am

Jes74 replied to topic BREASTFEEDING 21mth old

Hi all, It's lovely to hear others are still b/feeding as well, my daughter is 17mths and just has 1 before bed. Two weeks ago i took her morning one away which hasn't been to tramatic, but will k...

Saturday 25 August 07:07am

Jes74 replied to topic Toddler Toothbrushing

Hi, I'm glad to know I'm not alone with this topic, my daughter was good until she had 3 molars come through at once & now it's a struggle I've been losing. Will take on board these suggestions & ...

Saturday 25 August 06:58am

Jes74 replied to topic Celebrating our breastfeeding achievements!

Hi all, My little girl is almost 3mths and we're still b/f and i congrat's myself each day as it's been a hard road, however the both of us are termined to keep going. We set milestones and once ...

Wednesday 14 June 07:11am
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