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renee270101 replied to topic Baby Announcement

Hi Mirabel. Congrats on the arrival of your beautiful baby boy. I am patiently waiting for my second to arrive, I was due on the 8th August. I hope you and your new family are doing great and ar...

Saturday 12 August 05:13pm

renee270101 replied to topic Im due tomorrow!!!!!!!!

Hi there I am due tomorrow also. I am hoping that she will come soon I am more than ready. My first was 10 days over and I had to be induced, so I am really hoping that we go before then. Best o...

Tuesday 08 August 04:25pm

renee270101 replied to topic False Labour

Oh my God. The same thing happened to me yesterday. I had been having contractions coming every 15mins, I was sure I was going to have my baby last night or atleast this morning. I didn't go to t...

Tuesday 01 August 04:03pm

renee270101 started new topic Fundal Height Measurements

Hi everyone. I am currently 38 weeks pregnant but my fundal height measurement was only 35cm. The doctor says that the baby feels a little small and has asked me to get an ultrasound as my measur...

Thursday 27 July 06:38am

renee270101 started new topic Please Help-toothache

Hi everyone I am desperately hoping someone can help me. I have the most painful ache in my mouth. Both my upper and lower jaws on my right side are really aching. I can't get in to see a dentis...

Saturday 08 July 04:36pm

renee270101 replied to topic Headaches/Migraines

I can sympathise with you. I get headaches and migraines quite alot with this pregnancy. The only thing that has worked for me is lying down in a quiet room with a warm washer on my head. Panado...

Tuesday 04 July 05:55am

renee270101 replied to topic Pelvic Instability (SPD)

Hi I was jst wondering if you could tell me what your symptoms of pelvic instability was. I went to my midwife last week and I told her of some pain i have been getting through my pelvis whenever ...

Sunday 25 June 03:52pm

renee270101 started new topic Sister trying to conceive

Hi everyone My sister and her husband have been trying to conceive for almost 12 months now with no success. Her doctor told her that when they have been trying for longer than 1 year they will sta...

Saturday 27 May 08:42am

renee270101 replied to topic Anyone else's Group Strep B Positive??

I had it with my first. I was given the antibiotics through a drip ( I was induced so already had a drip in place). Normally I think though, that they put the needle bit in your hand and then only...

Wednesday 24 May 09:10am

renee270101 replied to topic breech at 34wks

Hi there. I am not really sure on methods that work to make bub turn around. My little girl was in breech till 36 weeks, so there may be still time for her to turn. Maybe ask the midwife for sug...

Tuesday 23 May 11:58am

renee270101 started new topic Single Bed or Toddler Bed

Hi everyone I have an 18 month old daughter who we want to move out of a cot and into a bed before our second bubs arrives. However we are undecided as to whether buy a normal size single bed, or ...

Friday 05 May 04:32am

renee270101 replied to topic im 35 weeks and alot of apin. is this normal??? please help

Hi Unfortunately I can't say whether this normal or not. But I would be ringing the midwife to check with them. I am sure they won't mind a call. Hope everything is ok. Renee

Saturday 22 April 07:51am

renee270101 replied to topic I NEED HEARTBURN RELIEF!

When I was pregnant with my daughter I used Rennie tablets and they worked for me. I also have heard that if you get really bad heartburn it means bub has a lot of hair. It certainly came true in...

Thursday 20 April 05:33am

renee270101 replied to topic Mercy hospital in Heidelberg, VIC

Hi I am going there, due in early August. So far all the midwives I have had are lovely and very helpful. I havent been on a tour yet so I don't really know what the birthing suites are like, or ...

Thursday 20 April 05:29am

renee270101 replied to topic breech bub

Hi Jacqui I know how you are feeling. My bub was in breech till 35 weeks which made me very nervous. I don't know what eventually caused her to turn, but i tried to kepp active and walked heaps. ...

Tuesday 11 April 06:23am

renee270101 started new topic Sore eyes

Hi I was just wondering if anyone else has had sore eyes during their pregnancy. I am 22 weeks pregnant and for the last few weeks my eyes have been really stinging. Also if people have had sore ...

Sunday 09 April 02:19pm

renee270101 replied to topic trying after curette

I miscarried a while ago, but the doctor told me also to wait till my cycle returned to normal, and that its probably best to wait at least two cycles. But I assume every doctor would ave their ow...

Saturday 08 April 09:24am

renee270101 replied to topic Need 2 chat with other mums or mums 2B

Hi there I know how you feel when it comes to not being ale to talk to friends about bieng pregnant, or babies. I have a 16month old daughter with another due in August. Even though I have a wond...

Thursday 30 March 01:02pm

renee270101 replied to topic Be INDUCED or wait a little longer?

Hi I was induced with my first, also twelve days after the due date. I didn't have the gel but was put straight onto the drip. Apparently there wasn't a great deal of fluid around bubs, so every ...

Thursday 30 March 09:43am

renee270101 replied to topic can you go through labour without any painkillers is it that bad????

HI I had my first bub at 23 without any drugs. I was induced so had to be on a drip constantly and they ended up having to use the vacuum. I won't lie it does hurt, but I think if i had better re...

Sunday 26 March 10:51am
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