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Tarajs01 replied to topic Infant capsules in front seat.

The original poster is in NZ. We have different laws here so pull ya heads in.

Sunday 09 November 01:22pm

Tarajs01 replied to topic Kids Names

Emma Lesley (middle name for my mum)

Sunday 09 November 01:11pm

Tarajs01 replied to topic Pronunciation of this name?

Katieweston82 wrote: Day Mon definitely unless your a kiwi Typical aussie gets it wrong again LOL I'm a kiwi and if its spelt Damon then its said Day-mon I don't understand those people ...

Sunday 09 November 01:10pm

Tarajs01 replied to topic Pronunciation of this name?

Hopeful Hippo wrote: Our good friend's name is Damon. We pronounce it Day-men. When he introduces himself he goes a bit over the top and says Day-MON, because otherwise people think he'...

Sunday 09 November 01:06pm

Tarajs01 replied to topic elective c-section

There were 10 mums in my antenatal class 2 had c sects one with complications... and 8 were vaginal, 2 had epis, 4 had gas and 2 had nothing. You may be in the majority and be fine with gas or noth...

Sunday 09 November 12:44pm

Tarajs01 replied to topic Nipple changes

See your doctor.... Care is free at GP for the first trimester then you have to switch to midwife

Sunday 02 November 01:33pm

Tarajs01 replied to topic hello 7month old is teething..

Nzchicky wrote: Bonjela is probably the best thing to use, and use pain relief...paracetamol. Teething toys, or things she can chew on, rusks, rubbery toys. Good luck +1 Also a damp flannel ch...

Sunday 02 November 01:27pm

Tarajs01 replied to topic Do I have to let my midwife in my house

doublewammy wrote: 4 surprises wrote: Why do you want them not to come to your home? This is what they are going to be thinking as well. As blunt as it sounds this was my first opinion when I read...

Sunday 02 November 01:25pm

Tarajs01 replied to topic Outings vs Sleep

My bub is 8 months and sleeps whenever or where ever she feels like it. If I want to go out I will. If she gets tired she will sleep in her carseat, pushchair, someones lap or on the floor. She has...

Saturday 25 October 03:22pm

Tarajs01 replied to topic Hot pies ok?

I ate whatever I wanted inc Subway (which is apparently a no no too), my bub is health as. Just use common sense. Ie dont eat subway if the lettuce looks slimy and there are flys on the meat etc

Tuesday 21 October 06:27pm

Tarajs01 replied to topic Convertible car seat for new born

We have 2 seats so we dont have to do the swap around twice a day, we have the safe n sound compaq and the Infa Secure 0 - 8 classique. Neither will rear face until 2 as she is almost 8 months and...

Monday 20 October 07:47pm

Tarajs01 replied to topic What does your morning sickness feel like?

RKSears wrote: I wouldn't worry too much smile a close friend of mine has had no morning sickness, and many of the lovely mothers in my family had none either. I think the "morning sickne...

Friday 10 October 07:58pm

Tarajs01 replied to topic Homemade Baby Wipes - Which Paper Towels?

If youre going to use paper towels why not just use wipes? Using cloth instead makes sence, its by far cheaper and better for environment. But why paper towels?

Saturday 04 October 05:03pm

Tarajs01 replied to topic Teething and diarrhea

Nothing else really changed, has been awake now since 3 and going strong. So more frequent, smelly and runny is prob teething then...... oh joy lol Thank you ladies

Saturday 04 October 04:59pm

Tarajs01 started new topic Teething and diarrhea

Hi, this is my first bub and im confused, she is 7 months old on formula (for months) and solids for 5-6 weeks. Two days ago she started pooing like a newborn, instead of normal people poos, moulde...

Saturday 04 October 02:33pm

Tarajs01 replied to topic Are Paps important? If you have HPV (which you wont know with out a smear) you baby will go untreated at birth. I have HPV, and a 7 month baby. Believe me they need ...

Tuesday 30 September 12:20pm

Tarajs01 replied to topic Are bottle fed babies more windy than the worst windy breast fed baby? !

LizHutch wrote: Im sure you can also buy bottles which help reduce wind in babies. Good luck Dr Browns bottles have a valve in them to prevent wind. On saying that I breast fed then mixed and no...

Tuesday 30 September 12:09pm

Tarajs01 replied to topic Relationship problems

Leave! Leave now. Find somewhere safe to go. He is poison. Get the kids away from him

Tuesday 30 September 11:51am

Tarajs01 replied to topic Anyone else not telling family etc until 12 weeks?

We didnt tell anyone until we got results from 13 week scan, so about 14 weeks

Monday 29 September 11:10am

Tarajs01 replied to topic PLEASE HELP- im in so much pain feeding :-(

Dont feel guilty for giving your bub formula! The pressure other people put on you to bf is just not right. I had very similar problems and struggled through by mix feeding from 5 weeks to 3 month...

Friday 26 September 08:21pm
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