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Kezzapie replied to topic almost 9 mth old waking too early

Hi Gail My DS is doing the same thing!! I thought it might be teething, but he's happy enough with his own company (chatting, laughing etc) - so I guess he's not in teething pain! I stopped the ...

Wednesday 23 August 12:09pm

Kezzapie replied to topic Weight For 8 Month old

Hi Shar My now 9 month-old was 10.64kgs at his 8 month weigh-in. Big boy - though long so doesn't look too chubby. He was 8lb 12oz at birth and a week early at that!! Cheers, Kerry

Tuesday 15 August 06:07pm

Kezzapie replied to topic .....

Hi princess carlz My DS was the same - I would slave hours over a hot stove expecting him to demolish everything like my DD did years ago... I should've known it wasn't to be - chalk and cheese i...

Thursday 03 August 06:07pm

Kezzapie replied to topic dicipline for under 1's

a timely topic for me to stumble upon!! My DS is 7 1/2 months old and is so gung-ho... he's so full-on! DP calls him "violent" which I have told him off for (as if a 7 1/2 month old knows violen...

Saturday 24 June 08:03pm

Kezzapie replied to topic Does starting solids help them sleep?

Hi Nelsie Nope - no luck for unfortunately! He's 7 1/2 months, 3 solid feeds/day and still wakes at least once a night for food (and he gets a dreamfeed). If you think she's ready - give it a g...

Friday 23 June 02:45pm

Kezzapie started new topic Heater in bubs bedroom - what temp?

Hi everyone DS has viral bronchiolitis and Dr said the only treatment is to keep his room warm. We've bought a little ceramic heater - it might be little but it packs a punch!! What temp do you...

Friday 23 June 02:40pm

Kezzapie replied to topic Playtime at 4AM!! Suggestions please...

Hi everyone Just wanted to update you all in the hope that I can help someone! Well, things got worse before they got better I'm sorry to say! He started waking earlier and earlier and staying ...

Tuesday 20 June 12:59pm

Kezzapie replied to topic Bubba has croup and is sad......

darkandstormy I suffered from this terribly as a child - it's no fun! DS is also prone to it... hugs and kisses from us to you!! Hope she feels better soon! xx

Thursday 15 June 06:15pm

Kezzapie replied to topic

just bumping it up - am still impressed by the high level of content.

Thursday 15 June 06:05pm

Kezzapie replied to topic teething tablets

Hi Rochelle I stand by them - they're excellent! Yep to the nurofen too... the tablets have calming ingredients, whilst the nurofen is anti-inflammatory - what could be better than a calm baby i...

Wednesday 14 June 06:01pm

Kezzapie replied to topic Too young for Toast??

The gag reflex does work Ebony!!! I tried vegemite toast with DS again at lunch today - and like yesterday, he loved it. He chewed off some big chunks that I scooped out of his mouth... he then ...

Wednesday 14 June 10:51am

Kezzapie started new topic

Hi everyone Am having sleep problems with DS and this website was suggested to me by my CHN. Very informative, there's even some things in there that I haven't tried yet!! Something's gotta wor...

Wednesday 14 June 10:46am

Kezzapie started new topic Too young for Toast??

Hi everyone My 7 month-old DS drools watching us all eat our vegemite toast in the morning... he's a fussy thing and has only just really started eating his food without a fight every night. He'...

Tuesday 13 June 11:10am

Kezzapie started new topic Nothing works!

My 7 month old DS has been a shocking sleeper from birth. He's a serial catnapper due to reflux left undiagnosed until he was 4 months old. Bad habits were hard to break! I have persisted with y...

Sunday 11 June 09:35am

Kezzapie started new topic 7 month old not interested in solids!

Hi everyone My 7 month old (well just about - tomorrow's the big day) DS is just not interested in solids!! It is driving me crazy and I just don't know what to do! I started him on solids when...

Friday 09 June 10:52am

Kezzapie replied to topic Bubs with the flu..

Hi Alicia My 6 month DS is just coming good after a bout of flu, followed by an ear infection. Fess Nasal drops or spray were a godsend for me - they cleared out his snotty nose instantly. I ga...

Saturday 03 June 12:08pm

Kezzapie started new topic Lactose Intolerance - Please Help! (NB long post, but desperate)

Ladies, am hoping there's someone out there who can give me some advice!! DS (61/2 months) was weaned from the breast some 6 weeks ago due to severe reflux (diagnosed by my GP) caused by too much...

Thursday 01 June 05:33pm

Kezzapie replied to topic OMG i was Just reading the nes HEADLINE !! :(

Hi I heard this on the radio and was MORTIFIED! Whilst I don't know the full story, and am not usually one to pass judgement - PUHLEASE! It makes me feel sick to the stomach.

Wednesday 31 May 02:24pm

Kezzapie replied to topic Overactive 4 month old - is this normal?

DS was a very active baby in-utero - and things didn't change out-utero (not a word, but you know what I mean)! He is full-on all day long... he's a shocking sleeper too. I have no rest at all! ...

Tuesday 30 May 07:13pm

Kezzapie replied to topic Custody of my unborn child

Hi Ellie You should contact the Citizen's Advice Bureau for advice ASAP. Good luck! Kez

Tuesday 30 May 06:54pm
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