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Blakey started new topic Weaning off the bottle

Hi, I'm a first time mum & am not really sure how to wean my 12 month old off the bottle. He currently has three formula's throughout the course of the day. Do i suppliment the formula for real ...

Monday 08 January 09:50am

Blakey started new topic Help... Teething

My 9 month old has just started to cut his first tooth on the bottom and i'm just wondering if anyone has any helpful tips. He's so wakeful at night and rises early. Hence mum and dad arn't gettin...

Monday 06 November 05:09am

Blakey started new topic Baby No. 2

Has anyone got any really good suggestions on good age gaps between siblings?

Sunday 15 October 06:02pm

Blakey started new topic Feeding too much

Hi, I've been feeding my bub for a few weeks now on solids and formula. He's about 5 months and i'm wondering if i'm feeding him too much. I'm feeding him solids at 6am, 11am, 3pm & 7pm plus a bo...

Wednesday 07 June 09:04am

Blakey replied to topic Hiccups ?

My friend who's bub hiccups suggests feeding for 5 mins and it normal gets rid of them quickly.

Tuesday 02 May 07:39am

Blakey started new topic Sleeping through the night

Ryan is 8 wks old and generally settles well now he is in a routine. His last feed is at about 10pm which is a dream feed. He still wakes during the night for a feed though. The last few nights it ...

Wednesday 22 March 10:59am
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