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luvbnamum started new topic Baptism woes.

Hi there all.I haven't been her for a while(since about September I think).Things have been kinda crazy.Anyway,now that things are settling down we have decided to finally get things arranged for o...

Friday 29 December 12:15pm

luvbnamum started new topic Mums from Emerald Qld? there anybody out there who can give me a little info? We are seriously considering moving to Emerald,once we scope out the employment prospects for my partner(he's a truck driver) and I...

Tuesday 17 October 09:07am

luvbnamum started new topic Car trip to Qld...

Hi all.Hoping someone can give me a few ideas.We are off to Qld in early October and will be driving up from Phillip Island.Kailee will be 3 and Broden will be a 1 at the time of the trip and am wo...

Wednesday 12 July 11:20am

luvbnamum started new topic Moving North...

Just wondering if anyone knows anything about Beaudesert in Qld.It's one of the places that we've been considering and I'd love to find out a bit more about it.I've googled Beaudesert and got a lit...

Tuesday 04 July 10:49am

luvbnamum replied to topic whats your babies name???

Kailee Maddison S and Broden Zane S

Tuesday 04 July 10:06am

luvbnamum replied to topic Whats your nickname for your baby/child?

When our daughter Kailee was a bub I used to call her Button and my partner nicknamed her Littlepot(because of her round tummy). Now we call her Possum,Button and sometimes Missy Moo. ...

Tuesday 04 July 10:02am

luvbnamum replied to topic If you had your life again would you have children?

If I had it to do over again...Absolutely I would have children.

Thursday 29 June 11:41am

luvbnamum replied to topic sex drive

What sex drive.Can't even remember what it's like to want a bit.It's been about 6months now and I feel really bad for my partner.He's really understanding but I know that he must be getting frustra...

Wednesday 24 May 10:11am

luvbnamum started new topic Just want to say Hi to you all

Hi everyone.Hope you're all having a great day.There's so much to catch up on in all the boards so this was the easiest way to get a message to everyone.To all those that I haven't been in touch wi...

Wednesday 24 May 10:04am

luvbnamum started new topic Broden is crawling!!!

I'm so excited and I had to jump on and tell everyone...My baby boy is crawling:-D.He has been trying for so long and in the past 2 weeks has been doing the backwards crawl and getting frustrated.B...

Monday 22 May 10:33am

luvbnamum replied to topic Another Poem - It's a sad one though,

I don't know what to say.It makes me want to go into my babies rooms and give them another hug.

Saturday 20 May 05:40pm

luvbnamum replied to topic Changed in-law relationship

Mother in law AAARRRGGGHHH!! Since the birth of our first child in 03 things definately changed with her.She is a very controlling woman.My parents and my in laws all live within 10mins of our home...

Thursday 11 May 10:42am

luvbnamum replied to topic nappy rash forever

Hi Chris.Sorry to hear about bubs sore tushie.If you've definately ruled out thrush,which my daughter suffered with when she was a bubbie and have tried the other creams on the market then I have a...

Wednesday 03 May 09:01am

luvbnamum replied to topic Nursing Pads

Hey sweetie.I used the pigeon brand nursing pads when I was breastfeeding my daughter.They are more expensive but they work really well.I started using them this time too but ran out and after a qu...

Wednesday 03 May 08:53am

luvbnamum started new topic Hi to everyone

Hiya all.I haven't been here for a while so I thought the easiest way to go was just a group hi.My baby boy,Broden,now 8 months(where has the time gone?),is sleepin really well.He either wakes once...

Wednesday 03 May 07:48am

luvbnamum replied to topic WHO HERE has a baby born AUG 2005?

Hiya Haylz.Great to meet you darls.My name is Deb.My baby boy,Broden,was born on the 25th of August 2005.He's my second Bubby.His big sister,Kailee,was born on the 2nd of October 2003.I'm absolutel...

Wednesday 03 May 07:12am

luvbnamum replied to topic Babies due date vs Babies actual birth date

Hey there.My daughter Kailee was due on the 6th of October 03 but was born on the 2nd of October(might have had something to do with me jumping over our back fence!) after a 9 1/2hr labour.My litt...

Friday 31 March 08:48pm

luvbnamum replied to topic GODPARENT GIFT IDEA ANYONE??

Hiya.When our daughter was Christened we gave her godparents photos of Kailee that we had taken of her that morning in her christening dress(thank goodness for digital cameras and computers!).In fr...

Thursday 30 March 12:04pm

luvbnamum replied to topic Hello there

Hiya.Just want to say hi to you all and introduce myself and my littleones.My name is Deb and I am stay at home Mum to Kailee 2 1/2 and Broden 1/2months.We live in Phillip Island.Hoping to get to ...

Thursday 16 March 01:17pm

luvbnamum replied to topic email buddies

Hi Ange.How are you darls.Hope you don't mind me joining in.My name's Deb.I'm Mummy to Kailee, 2and a half and Broden,6and a half months.Would love to chat with you.Hope to hear from you soon.Enjoy...

Thursday 16 March 01:03pm
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