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Mels76 started new topic Waking at 6am

Hello, After 6 long months of waking 2-3 times per night my 7month old little boy now goes down at 7pm everynight and sleeps through until 6am. It was a real struggle for us to get him there put...

Friday 11 August 06:30am

Mels76 started new topic Car rides

Hello everyone, I was just wondering if anybody has any tips on making my 16 week old son Zac a bit happier when he travels in the car. He hates being in the car and screams and cries most of the ...

Tuesday 02 May 12:09pm

Mels76 started new topic Pregnancy & breastfeeding

I was just wondering if you can get pregnant whilst breastfeeding even though i have not yet had a period. Do you have to start menstruating before you can fall pregnant again?

Saturday 01 April 05:42pm

Mels76 started new topic waking during the night

I would love some advice on my little man, Zac is 11 weeks old and i am breastfeeding him. His last sleep is around 8-8.30pm and he is usually settled by 9-9.30pm and then wakes between 12.30-1am,...

Friday 31 March 06:45pm

Mels76 replied to topic Save Our Sleep

I too have bought the book and am really excited about implementing her techniques with my son. Zac is 8wks old and sleeps and settles well every 3-4 hours at night time- with no fuss. During the...

Wednesday 15 March 11:28am
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