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TLC1974 replied to topic Anyone scared of the Epidural?

Yes I was petrafied of having an epi with my babies and thankfully I didn't need one. I have a few friends that did have them and wish they didn't. They do have pain every so often at the injectio...

Sunday 26 April 09:19am

TLC1974 replied to topic Tearing in 2nd labours/births

Hi there Amz13, I also had 2nd degree tears with my first child. I apparently tore at the sides of the exit point(!) and also inside. They were there stitching me for some time. Thankfully though ...

Sunday 26 April 09:03am

TLC1974 replied to topic A STORY OF THE HEART!!! (A must read for all pregnant women and women ttc)

Thank you so much for sharing your story sweetie, very scary but you sound strong and you can get through this I'm sure. I love your name too, my eldest daughter's name is Nadena. I also had a sc...

Sunday 26 April 08:47am

TLC1974 replied to topic how can i make this baby come already!!!!

Congratulations to you and your new baby. Hannah Elizabeth is a beautiful name, well done. Nice short labour too so if you decide to have any more, chances are they will get shorter and shorter, ...

Monday 23 March 12:29pm

TLC1974 replied to topic IS IT TRUE??????

Personally I don't believe so sweetie. My first 2 pregnancies where quite high but my 3rd was much lower hence why everyone was convinced I was having a boy, hahaha, I have 3 girls! I do know that...

Thursday 19 February 04:35pm

TLC1974 replied to topic how can i make this baby come already!!!!

Oh you poor thing, I feel for you honestly as all my babies were 9 and 7 days late! Not long now though, hang in there sweetie. A friend of mine actually went bowling (ten pin) and the following d...

Thursday 19 February 04:30pm

TLC1974 replied to topic Nappies

I will also add, BabyLove are just terrible and it's the new wiggles print ones. The old stock with no pictures or wiggles on them are great but don't buy the wiggles ones, the tabs are almost over...

Thursday 19 February 12:18pm

TLC1974 replied to topic Nappy Q

Your not alone, I have found the same thing with larger size nappies in huggies too. While they have changed the pictures etc and made a big deal about that, they have also made them smaller and t...

Thursday 19 February 12:10pm

TLC1974 replied to topic Dummy VS No dummy

Hi there, It is totally up to the parents usually the mum because she's the one that has to go in every night and put it back in when it falls out! My first 2 had dummies. My eldest really needed ...

Thursday 19 February 12:03pm

TLC1974 replied to topic Birthing positions?

Hi there, Yes I have tried other birthing positions. With me though I was lucky, I was able to have active labours and was even luckier that they didn't last long. All of my 3 babies though were...

Thursday 19 February 11:43am
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