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Yes I agree with the last few posts and have decided to let him keep it until he is old enough to understand letting it go and that he doesn't need it. Thank you all for the advice really appr...

Saturday 18 April 08:55pm

[email protected] replied to topic Dummies/pacifier

Hi my son is only 18 months old so like you mentioned he doesn't really have a clear understanding of what's going on. He also only uses it for sleeping and we are now at the stage where ...

Friday 17 April 11:27pm

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Thank you for the advice will give the soft toy thing a go and see if that works if not then cold turkey it is. Thank you

Monday 13 April 07:51am

[email protected] started new topic Dummies/pacifier

Hi Was just wondering if anyone knows a good way to get my toddler off his dummy. We have tried things like putting stuff on them so they taste yuck, putting a tiny hole it one and also making him...

Sunday 12 April 08:21pm

[email protected] replied to topic Is it normal?

Nay7 wrote: Haha nor had I. I think he would be grumpy if he were hungry, like all males tongue Haha your not wrong there ^^^ Thank you *mimsy. Ive been doing just that the last few days lettin...

Monday 13 January 07:02pm

[email protected] replied to topic Is it normal?

Thank goodness I'm not alone. I have been thinking there was something wrong with my DS since I noticed he wasnt sleeping during the day. Everytime i went to put him down it was such a huge or...

Monday 13 January 03:46pm

[email protected] started new topic Is it normal?

Hi ladies, The last 4-5 days my DS has not been sleeping during the day, he's only 11 weeks old but acts as though he is 6 months old. He's always been a really active and alert baby eve...

Monday 13 January 02:55pm

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Our little family went to my sons great uncles house to spend his first Christmas with all of our extended family. We had 4 generations of family members all under the same roof just for the one da...

Friday 10 January 05:56pm

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Thank you. I'm a newbie to all of this stuff and your advice is much appreciated.

Saturday 21 December 07:56pm

[email protected] replied to topic baby bonus and family assistance

Thanks I might have to go in or give them a call on Monday. My son is now 8 weeks old we applied for it all on Monday but got them to process it really fast and they said it will be there on Tue...

Saturday 21 December 07:25pm

[email protected] started new topic baby bonus and family assistance

Hi there, I was just wondering does anybody know if you get back paid for the baby bonus and family assistance? Also im confused about the family tax A and family tax B are you supposed to apply f...

Saturday 21 December 06:20pm
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