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Keithlacon replied to topic Is anyone else drinking the Dr Red tea for weight loss?

2*cheeky*monkeys wrote: I thought it might be a good idea if there was a thread where we could give each other a bit of support. I've started it today and I'm not a tea drinker, but surpr...

Saturday 08 February 04:41pm

Keithlacon replied to topic How Can I maintain fitness during pregnancy?

Eranda wrote: Julieanderson2912 wrote: Hi Eranda, Is to safe to do workouts at gym during pregnancy? Of course - it's a safe and regulated environment and there's always someone else ar...

Friday 25 October 09:18pm

Keithlacon replied to topic Lose weight without exercising...

LeeLee89 wrote: Is there some sort of thing that i can do to loose a little baby weight without exercising? haha I am about 73kg now, i really want to get down to about 60, i was 63 pre pregnant. ...

Friday 25 October 08:56pm
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