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lisa.c replied to topic 2 sleeping in the same room

My DS is afraid of the dark and we got him a night light for his room, they are dull enough that anyone in the room can go to sleep, but give out enough light that the monsters don't come to get hi...

Tuesday 10 January 08:49am

lisa.c replied to topic sibling rivalry

We found that if we could finde a way to give DD between half and a whole hour each day that was just hers with mum or dad helped. May-bee if you had someone that could look after bub for an hou...

Saturday 31 December 01:19pm

lisa.c replied to topic How do you stop a child biting?????

My DS jued to bite and not let go!!!! He would leave teeth impressions for up to half an hour after he bid you. Nothing worked, That was untill I bit him! He has never done it again! He had a hol...

Saturday 31 December 12:58pm

lisa.c replied to topic No Day Sleep and waking early

We have/ had this problem 1. DS will not have a daytime nap, but i get him to rest quitely for a while during the day. I put a tv in his room and let him watch a DVD of his choice durint the day ...

Saturday 31 December 12:06pm

lisa.c replied to topic when do u know when to start?

Hi when my DS started taking his nappies off I started TT. I believe your father is right! But start trying and you will know one way or another!

Saturday 17 December 01:51pm

lisa.c replied to topic Difference Between Poos and Wees

I think it is the difference between kids. My daughter used to make a big fuss about wees in the nappy so I started TT her then, but my son was different he made a fuss about Poos and never even...

Tuesday 06 December 08:35am

lisa.c replied to topic Party games for 3 year olds

For my son's third birthday party I put some prizes in baloons and blew them up, plus some extra baloons and let the kids jump on or sit on the baloons to bust them to get the prizes out the kids l...

Sunday 04 December 06:11pm

lisa.c replied to topic Young mummy, New to site

Hi Tiarnie 123 How things going? I know exactly how you feel! I was only 18 when I had my first child, a Beautiful girl Tineal. When she was six weeks old I kicked her real father out, and your rig...

Sunday 04 December 07:37am

lisa.c started new topic Toowoomba mums christmas 2005

Well hi every one> my name is Lisa I'm married with two kids and expecting a third in may next year. I've been living in Newtown Toowoomba since febuary this year. I still havn't managed to meet...

Saturday 03 December 02:50pm

lisa.c replied to topic At wits end almost ....

It Took about a month for our DS to know when he needed to do a #2 , I sugest that if he lets off and you happen to catch him to take him to the toilet. And tell him if he gets a sore tummy that t...

Saturday 03 December 02:17pm

lisa.c replied to topic Anyone from Dalby Qld

Hi sjs. I'm not from Dalby but my mother Lives out there in Condamine st. I'm in Toowoomba and have a daughter seven and a son three, I'm also expecting no three in May next year. If you want ...

Wednesday 30 November 04:12pm

lisa.c replied to topic Another Toowoomba Mum

Hi I'm new to this, just found the exchange! My name is Lisa & I've just moved back to Toowoomba after being in Mildura for six years. I'm 26 with a daughter 7 turning 8 in january] and a boy 3, I...

Wednesday 30 November 03:11pm

lisa.c replied to topic Hates potty and toilet

My 3yo son will not use potty, he just dosn't like it never has, your son might be the same! A friend's son never liked it and refused to use it ever! my sugestion give up on the potty & try for th...

Wednesday 30 November 01:40pm

lisa.c replied to topic TT Twins - One done / One to go!

I had that exact problem with my 3 year old son the problem was fixed when we changed him to cotton boxers instead of jocks. It was something to do with the elastic around the legs. I know it soun...

Wednesday 30 November 01:21pm

lisa.c replied to topic Going from potty to big toilet only!

I found with my daughter she prefered the potty because she felt more secure on the potty i found out she felt like she was going to fall into the toilet]. I solved this with step for her to use wh...

Wednesday 30 November 01:09pm

lisa.c replied to topic How do I get my son to wear undies?

I had trouble with my son & when I was putting the washing away would show him how every one else had Big people undies. Then when shopping I let him choose his own undies, I found that getting hi...

Wednesday 30 November 12:43pm
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