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Janine R

Janine R started new topic End of Lease cleaner/Carpet Cleaner North

Hi there I am moving and am looking for a cleaner to do the final (can pay cash) and a good carpet cleaner..any ideas??? I live Hillcrest Area..

Tuesday 07 July 07:12am
Janine R

Janine R replied to topic nasal gastric tubes

Hey Lisa, Just wondering how you got on - My son had one for 5 weeks @ 2.5yrs and I ended up pulling it out - he was miserable. Janine

Monday 12 May 06:16pm
Janine R

Janine R replied to topic i need help to fatten my DD

Hey I know how you feel and the frustration as well. My son is 2.5yrs and I have been concerned about his weight - was 9.7kg @ 85cm tall for ages. He is fussy and also has a very poor appetite. I l...

Monday 12 May 05:45pm
Janine R

Janine R replied to topic *your advice*

I think it depends on what feels right for you. Our 2 boys are 18 months apart - and bcause they are boys I think they will be great mates growing up. We chose to have them close together to kind o...

Tuesday 12 June 10:42am
Janine R

Janine R replied to topic DO YOU BATH YOUR KIDS EVERY NIGHT?

Hi there, I think what you are doing is fine - I only bath my kids - baby, every 2nd day and 21mth old every day but miss days here and there if its too cold - too late and weve been out or people ...

Sunday 10 June 07:10pm
Janine R

Janine R replied to topic 2 year old with Retracted Testis, has anyone had this with their son?

I will try not to scare you - but my partner now 29 had an undescended teste when he was young and had it operated on to bring it down around 6 or 7 years of age. He recently was diagnosed with tes...

Sunday 10 June 05:47pm
Janine R

Janine R replied to topic Guys view for expectant dads

Hi there, I found a great book for fathers - it is So you're going to be a dad - by Peter Downey. It is quite comical (and a bit sarcastic)so is quite easy to read especially for men. It covers mos...

Friday 08 June 10:07am
Janine R

Janine R replied to topic How much formula for my 3mth old?

Hi there, have you thought about how often you feed him. I have a 2 month old and he is on formula and isnow only on 5 feeds a day - and is on about 150-170 mls - if i feed him after about 3 hours ...

Friday 08 June 08:52am
Janine R

Janine R started new topic 20 month old fussy eater...

My son who is 20 months has always been a fussy eater but the last few months - he has not put on any weight and will somedays hardly eat. He usually will always start the day with weetbix - only o...

Tuesday 05 June 09:51am
Janine R
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