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traceym replied to topic How to make goop

Hi, I have only made it once, it's only cornflour & water - I just mixed in the cornflour until it felt & looked right. It should go completely hard at the bottom of the bowl and when you put your...

Saturday 14 April 02:03pm

traceym replied to topic Lactose intolerant ideas on what to eat!!!

We found out DS was lactose intolerant at only 6 weeks so food since day one has been lactose free for him. He is now 14th months, he still has 3 bottles a day which is S26 - LF (lactose free) f...

Thursday 15 March 04:52pm

traceym started new topic Slow talker

My DS is 14 months old has has still not said his first word. I wouldn't be concerned being it is common for some boys to be a little later from what I have been told but he does not "baby babble"...

Wednesday 14 March 04:53pm

traceym started new topic Smacking hand...

Hi all I am confused about the best way to discipline my 13month old DS. I have had some advice and a few people have recommended tapping DS hand when he touches something he shouldn't and say NO....

Saturday 17 February 11:43am

traceym replied to topic Mummy you suffer?

ALL THE TIME!!!! I am pleased to hear it is not just me too I feel guilt about the following... Not playing with DS all the time, Playing with DS to much, Not giving DS enough playtime with oth...

Saturday 17 February 11:33am

traceym started new topic Discipline at 1?

Hi all Well my DS just turned 1 in Jan and also just started crawling. Since then he has really started to investigate the house and play with whatever he thinks he is not suppose to! I have remo...

Monday 12 February 04:33am

traceym replied to topic whats your 7 month old doing?

Hi Clare Kaden is 7months & 1wk old. He has been rolling over for about 1 month and loves being on his tummy! Real pain for me though because he is a real spilly baby so everytime I turn around ...

Thursday 17 August 11:30am

traceym started new topic Fathers Day Cheap gift ideas....

Hi all This year is DH first fathers day. DS is only 7months and I have no idea what to get him on a budget! He is a great dad, very loving and helpful. I am really lucky to have him, he helps ...

Wednesday 16 August 04:08am

traceym replied to topic i need help starting a routine....

Hi Beth Firstly I will say... it is really hard getting bubs into a routine so don't be to hard on yourself that you haven't managed it yet! Kaden is just 6 months old and I have managed to get h...

Thursday 13 July 03:59am

traceym replied to topic HOW CAN I EASE HER PAIN??? help ME PLEASE

Oh Ebony, my thoughts are with you and bubs! I am sure everything will be fine, she is in the right place! Take care and pls let us know how it goes! Tracey

Wednesday 21 June 11:31am

traceym replied to topic What is your 5 month doing?

Hi there I know what you mean... it is not a competition but it is really fun to know what other babies are doing and share what yours is doing. Sounds like your DD is doing really well!! Kaden ...

Monday 05 June 11:03am

traceym started new topic HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

Here is a short poem that sums up what I love about being a new Mum... Stay a little longer Mum, don't put me down just yet. Although I've had my fill of milk I've other needs to be met. I love th...

Monday 15 May 02:42am

traceym started new topic Sleeping when out & about

My boy is 4 months old now and has just recently gone into a normal carseat. When I took him out during the day visiting he use to sleep in his baby carseat. Now that he is in his new carseat we ...

Friday 12 May 03:41am

traceym replied to topic Babies and difficult family

Well now that is a hard one! I have that problem with my mother and mother inlaw but thankfully don't live with them What I have been trying to do with my family is just take over when it comes...

Saturday 25 March 12:10pm

traceym replied to topic Question for all mums with bubbas!!!

Hi there I have just had my first bub's (he is 7wks) and we brought one of the expensive vibrating seat things. My bub's likes sitting in it and it folds up into a carry bag for when we go out vi...

Tuesday 07 March 10:35am

traceym started new topic Moving to Brisbane?

I currently live in Chch, NZ and thinking of moving to Brisbane with my husband and baby boy. Just wondering what it is like in Brisbane as an at home mum with a newborn baby? What kind of suppor...

Wednesday 01 March 01:29pm

traceym replied to topic Dry skin

Hi there My bub had a really dry skin on his head as well. I just stopped washing his hair or using anything at all in the bath for a few days and it has just come right. Now that it has cleared...

Friday 17 February 10:01am

traceym replied to topic How long is recovery time after C section?

Hi there I had to have an emergency c-section as my bub's was breech also. It has only been just under 5 wks for me so I am still recovering. I would recommend you have someone to help you for a...

Tuesday 14 February 04:40pm

traceym started new topic Blochy Skin??

My 4 wk old bub has really blochy skin. It has been like that from day one, looks like he is really cold cause it is blochy pink and purple colour. He is not unwell but we really would like to kn...

Tuesday 14 February 04:17pm

traceym replied to topic Valentines Day

Congrad's on your anniversary! And well done for organising a night out. Our wedding anniversary was a couple of weeks ago, my MIL offered to babysit and I just couldn't do it!!! Terrible I know...

Sunday 12 February 03:57am
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