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Sun_Flower-3 replied to topic Baby and Religious Values

My Partner is Christian and i'm Pagan, we are hoping to keep both in our lives and also be open baout other religious beliefs with our children. We shall see if we can pull of both Yule and Ch...

Thursday 14 November 06:23pm

Sun_Flower-3 replied to topic catholic schools?????

My partner is Christian, I'm pagan. He wants our kids to go to the local christian school, i'm less worried about it as I would be if he was insisting catholic although I don't feel ...

Thursday 14 November 06:20pm

Sun_Flower-3 replied to topic homebirth...neighbours???

Hahaha! Thats the first thing my partner said..... how are you going to give birth in town won't all the neighbours hear you? I'll gladly report back- thanks!

Thursday 14 November 04:24pm

Sun_Flower-3 replied to topic Costs for a home birth?

I'm just looking into it now. We are in a regional area of Qld and have a public hospital in town. The only insurance company that covers homebirth currently is Australian Unity they are charg...

Thursday 14 November 03:58pm
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