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tiggz replied to topic Chlorine and sensitive skin

Hey... I take my 5mth old swimming in a chlorinated pool .. the lessons are run by CYH. We cover them in sorbolene before putting them in the water. helps to protect their skin. i also enusre DD h...

Saturday 15 April 05:22pm

tiggz replied to topic baby play

Hi Kay, Things we used to do include "the bicycle" (moving their legs in a bicycle motion.. great for moving wind ) the frog )moving their legs up to their hips and down again... as well as baby m...

Saturday 08 April 04:24pm

tiggz replied to topic Port Pirie?

Hey Casey... As it happens... thats where I live... Pt Pirie.. wooo hooo.. I have a 18week old bubba girl... and we have a great little gathering of mums and bubs once a week which has kept us a...

Thursday 23 March 02:07pm

tiggz replied to topic blocked nose

My CYH nurse suggested putting breastmilk up the bubs nose (and in their eyes if a bit gunky).. don't drown them.. just a few drops in an eyedrop dropper. Also try massaging the bubs sinuses (side ...

Monday 06 March 07:04am

tiggz replied to topic clothes??

Have you thought about those bags you can buy from variety shops that you place the items in, then suck the air out of them with a vaccuum? I would then be storing them in a dark place, away from m...

Sunday 05 March 05:46pm

tiggz replied to topic what to wear to bed?

Hey there... My little precious wears whatever I think is suitalbe.. depending on the weather For the cooler nights, she has a growsuit .. hotter nites.. just a singlet and nappy. I still swad...

Sunday 05 March 05:02pm

tiggz replied to topic was sleeping through now waking 2-3 times, what happened?

Could it be possible that your kids are having a growth spurt? Therefore they are looking for more to eat ... just a thought

Sunday 05 March 04:54pm

tiggz replied to topic NOVEMBER 05 BABIES

Hey all... my little buddle of joy was born 15 November, 2005 .. first bubba for us .. only a day after you Choles_mum :d How much does she weigh now?

Sunday 05 March 04:08pm
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