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beanie'smum replied to topic My missed miscarriage.....

I have used both clear blue digital ovulation predictors and maybe baby saliva testing and got extremely worried when neither indicated that i was actually ovulating. The same month I was using cl...

Tuesday 18 March 08:29am

beanie'smum replied to topic Disappointed

I just found a website for New Arrivals Outlet Shop ... they seem to have some great clothes on there at really good prices...

Friday 21 February 01:41pm

beanie'smum replied to topic Help!! Sleep deprived parents of an 18m old

Hi Mari - my niece just turned 2 and had been a great sleeper and then just started to wake up in the middle of the night and scream ... I mean really scream. My sister tried everything ... sat wit...

Thursday 13 February 02:39pm

beanie'smum replied to topic Help with choosing a Doctor

Kyla - my GP referred me to the Women' Health Service at my local hospital who from memory first saw me at 12 weeks? They handle all the pregnancy visits. If you ring you hospital they should...

Thursday 13 February 12:49pm

beanie'smum replied to topic Choices and judgements

Thanks for starting the topic Skubula - can I vent too? I am currently 28 weeks pregnant and astounded by how everyone now thinks there's no need to hold back on their opinions! I certainly...

Tuesday 11 February 12:39pm

beanie'smum replied to topic Possibly TMI - Bladder Leakage

JEagle - absolutely talk to your GP/physio and find the right physio to help you. I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and still have a bit of morning sickness and recently had a cough... and discover...

Tuesday 04 February 01:52pm

beanie'smum replied to topic A little scared

sarah-jane ... very happy that your scan came back well... I was in a very similar situation to yourself - I had the NT testing down which came back low risk (1 in 350ish I think) and was thrille...

Thursday 30 January 10:29am

beanie'smum replied to topic How do you cope?

LIsajane - my partner and I tried for almost a year before we become pregnant (17 weeks now and all doing well). I had seen a GP and then due to my age (39!) went to see an IVF doctor. He got me ...

Wednesday 27 November 12:43pm
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