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Belldell79 replied to topic Sleeping advice

I had to sleep train my daughter a couple of times, colds etc tend to mess it all up! What I read repeatedly is that to teach them to go to sleep by themselves you have to put them down still awak...

Thursday 09 June 01:26am

Belldell79 replied to topic Who was in the delivery room with you?

My partner and my mum were there, my sister too for a while but she missed the end. The midwife and OB too of course. My sister found it a bit confronting given that I have always been the strong...

Monday 29 February 01:49am

Belldell79 replied to topic Stuck in a Hard Place-Help!

I absolutely think you did the right thing. You have to wonder how much of this behaviour is being encouraged elsewhere. I also have 2 step-kids and our daughter together is 6months old. I'...

Friday 21 November 10:35am

Belldell79 replied to topic Formula Reaction

My daughter didn't vomit from S26 but had severe diarrhea to the point of taking skin off her little bum. Changed to NAN HA and she's been fine since. I had to comp feed from 5 days old...

Friday 21 November 10:29am

Belldell79 replied to topic baby clothes sizes..

I agree, all the brands are a bit different. My nearly 4mth old has been in 00 for a month now. I find it's more the length than anything else. With a footed onesie I go by whether there is...

Monday 22 September 10:08pm

Belldell79 replied to topic My 5 month old catnapping during the day is driving me insane! Help!

My almost 4mth old is the same. She has slept thru the night at least 2 or 3 times a week for the last 1.5mths which is great. But at present she sleeps pretty much 8pm to 7am, then has a nap for...

Monday 22 September 10:01pm

Belldell79 replied to topic Successful pregnancies after implanon removal

I had to get an implanon instead of the pill because I began to get migraines with auras and wasn't allowed the pill anymore. I had the implanon for just over 2 years before it started making...

Thursday 11 September 09:40pm

Belldell79 replied to topic Avent vs. Tommee Tippee Bottles

I have all the Medela stuff for my DD. Low supply has meant mixed feeding and pumping etc and all the midwives said to get the Medela range for this. No problems at all with them, the small teat ...

Saturday 06 September 10:45pm

Belldell79 replied to topic Private health ?

I work as an RN in a private hospital so knew exactly who I wanted as my OB. So I went to him and paid $2800 of which I got just over $400 back from Medicare. However, I was not about to have my ...

Friday 22 August 09:10pm

Belldell79 replied to topic Who do I have in the room for the big moment? :/

The hospital I'm going to has a 3 support person limit. I'm only having DH, my mum and his mum allowed, the mums mostly because they need to escort his other 2 kids in and out. At 7 and...

Friday 23 May 09:05am
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