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Nduwri replied to topic Not crawling yet - and no sign

Hi It sounds like your bub is doing great! Each baby is different & they all learn at their own pace. As long as you can see your bub learning new things I wouldn't be worried. Babies are learning ...

Thursday 23 August 12:18am

Nduwri replied to topic Infants friend

I am just wondering if it might be better to find out why he is in pain.... I put my DD on the Brauers colic relief & it helped but once I got onto ABA I found out that my fast letdown was making D...

Thursday 23 August 12:06am

Nduwri replied to topic water between breastfeeds? HELP I'm confused

What everyone else said! I did not give my DD water, I just breastfed her more often if it was a really hot day.

Thursday 23 August 12:01am

Nduwri replied to topic Is 70kms to the hospital too far?

Not sure how far my friend traveled to hospital but it took her an hour so I assume it was around 70kms. I have no idea how far I traveled either but it took about 45 mins & it would be close to 70...

Wednesday 22 August 11:54pm

Nduwri replied to topic Early or Late to term?

I went to 43 weeks. Interesting fact: In France & other European countries 42 weeks is considered 'full-term'. A birth at 40 or 41 weeks is early.

Wednesday 22 August 11:51pm

Nduwri replied to topic Heart burn indigestion?

Are you wanting some suggestions to cope with it?? I used Rennies tablets from the supermarket but I only got heartburn in the last month. If you are looking for a natural remedy hopefully someone ...

Wednesday 22 August 04:16am

Nduwri replied to topic Home birth experiences

Just curious.... is there a reason why you are not having a home birth this time?

Wednesday 22 August 04:10am

Nduwri replied to topic my labour from hell

*hugs* to you honey! It sounds like you had a lot of intervention Have you seen this website at all? Not sure if you are in Brisbane or not but the website is great anyway!...

Tuesday 21 August 10:11am

Nduwri replied to topic Dry Face

Hi Looks like you are getting suggestions for dry skin, which is good because I don't have any I was going to suggest the olive oil for cradle cap but you are already on to that! Our local pharm...

Tuesday 21 August 01:15am

Nduwri replied to topic over due

Hi I was 3 weeks overdue & had some CTG's after being 2.5 weeks overdue. Like KJ58AC said the CTG isn't painful. Obviously it is sending waves to the baby so you may want to research that but it ...

Tuesday 21 August 12:57am

Nduwri replied to topic Independant Midwife in Brisbane?

Hi I am just wondering what sort of monitoring you are talking about? Doulas still do VE's & fetal heart monitoring if that is what you mean. Midwives can too of course but just thought I'd mentio...

Tuesday 21 August 12:46am

Nduwri replied to topic How long after a c-section did u start driving?

I was driving two weeks after. I checked with my Ob & he said that I could drive after two weeks & that the insurance company had to go on his advice as he was my Dr. Not sure if it's true or not,...

Monday 13 August 04:01pm

Nduwri replied to topic Bad Stitch Job

Your poor darling! This might be totally irrelevant but I was told to break Vitamin E capsules open & put them straight on my Caesar scar & it healed very quickly. Maybe it would be worth checking...

Monday 13 August 03:58pm

Nduwri replied to topic breech at 30 weeks

Posted by: Magz I disagree here as I have heard to many complications for mum and bubs if natural birth is tried or achieve. I beleieve it is best for a c-section if the bub does not turn. What so...

Monday 13 August 03:51pm

Nduwri replied to topic breech at 30 weeks

Why is it a problem if your baby does not turn? My SIL birthed a breech baby as have many of my friends. Some babies are just born feet or bum first, it is just another birth. My SIL did a lot of ...

Sunday 12 August 06:49pm

Nduwri replied to topic How about this ladys, natural birth after 3 c secti

I know plenty of Mums who have had natural births after 2 or 3 C-Sections. A C-Section alone does not rule out a natural birth unless the Dr botched the C-Section. The uterus is just a muscle so ...

Sunday 12 August 06:43pm

Nduwri replied to topic Where is time for me?

*Hugs* to you honey! You sound like you are doing a great job! Ditto to the others though, you cannot do it all! Your husband can't expect that, it is not fair & it is impossible. Can you talk to h...

Friday 10 August 06:26pm

Nduwri replied to topic Breastfeeding mummies

Not sure if it will have so much advice here but thought I would share our story.... We bought a bassinette (second hand) & hardly used it. We also bought a cot & hardly used it but we ...

Friday 10 August 06:19pm

Nduwri replied to topic Would you use a Doula?

We had a doula & she was wonderful! It was great to get all the help & tips during pregnancy & direction for research. We wanted her at the labour to keep the pressure off DH (& me of course ) she...

Friday 10 August 06:04pm

Nduwri replied to topic falls asleep during feeding

My daughter did this for the first 5 weeks too. I would just feed her whenever she wanted it & she did fine. A sling is great for a baby like that as you can feed on the go rather than having to st...

Friday 10 August 11:50am
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