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scara replied to topic Perth Huggies Parents Meet Up?

Hi Emma, Would also like to catch up! Please let me know when next gathering is! I have boy aged 22mths and girl 2mths. Email: [email protected] Sarah, Jed & Yasmin.

Wednesday 13 September 01:42pm

scara started new topic Second Labour - How long?

Hello all!! I have 3 weeks to go apparently! I was just wandering if anyone could put my mind at ease and tell me the second labour is easier! I had a boy 20 months ago and it was 32 hours of bac...

Tuesday 04 July 01:21pm

scara started new topic TWINS?????????

Hey ladies, just wondering if anyone could tell me how to tell if its twins befor the ultrasounds n stuff! We have a history of it and i am showing well at 12 weeks!! I have put on 4kg in 2.5weeks...

Thursday 05 January 02:21pm

scara started new topic Still Breastfeeding No1 and pregnant again!!!

Just wandered if anyone could tell me what i should maybe do! My son is 13 months old and still breastfeeding through the day and nite and im pregnant with number #2. Is very tiring and draining....

Wednesday 07 December 01:56pm
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