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sarah2874 started new topic Egg Donation

I just wanted to know if any one has gone through egg donation. I am seriously considering it. I just have a problem with it being anonomous. I dont want anything to do with the baby,if there is l...

Friday 19 May 06:49pm

sarah2874 replied to topic Boys Name

Love mannix, but I dont like "normal" names. I also like Calahni or Jarrah for boys.Like I said I dont like "normal". Good luck, hope you find the best name for your little man. Best wishes for upc...

Friday 19 May 06:42pm

sarah2874 replied to topic any suggestions on how to start labour???

O.K ready to spin out. Nipple stimulation. Yes thats right, it is best if you have an expressor, if not just roll your nipples between your fingers. Do it in the shower its less uncomfortable. Trus...

Friday 19 May 06:32pm

sarah2874 replied to topic does this sound like labour?

Hi, The pains you are feeling are probably braxton hicks. They could also be you ligaments stretching, it happens when you get close to your due date. If the pains stop when you change position or ...

Friday 19 May 06:24pm
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