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Little becky

Little becky replied to topic Breast fed for 5 mths now bubs wont take a bottle feed

hey Laura I have exactly the same probley except my big baby is 14 months and i also tried at 5 months but didnt work but umm go out and buy a pigeon bottle or a teat ( the teats dont fit into nor...

Wednesday 28 December 12:41am
Little becky

Little becky replied to topic Returnned to work and feeling guilty

My baby was in childcare when she was about seven months because i had school but dont feel bad, children need to see other children and they love playing and they also develop alot of things ealie...

Saturday 24 December 01:58am
Little becky

Little becky replied to topic DNA testing

I went through DNA testing with my child and if they both are able to get legal aid it still is about 900 dollars i think it but i know u dont get much change from 1000, um who ever wants the DNA t...

Monday 14 November 11:59pm
Little becky

Little becky started new topic Breast Feeding

Hey Im becky I have little 1 year old baby girl aliah and i cant get her off the breast i was wondering if anyone one at all could offer me any advice because i think i have tried just about every...

Monday 14 November 11:49pm
Little becky
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