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mumE started new topic Melbourne Airport

My son and i are due to have our 1st plane trip down to Melbourne. I've never done this before and all these awful thoughts are going through my head(just nervous). So my question is, are the term...

Tuesday 30 January 12:23pm

mumE started new topic Church

Can anybody tell me what faith "Watersprings Faith Church" is? Is it Catholic? Thanks

Saturday 27 January 04:12pm

mumE started new topic Religious mums

Just a few things i'd like to learn. What exactly does 'Amen' mean? Also, what is the difference between being Christened, Baptised and blessed? Thank you

Saturday 30 December 09:00am

mumE started new topic Booster Seat

I was just wondering what the airlines do with booster seats? I'll be taking it with me on my trip but won't actually require it onboard. If this is the case, do i need to write my name on it, or w...

Sunday 17 December 12:09pm

mumE started new topic Christening outfit-boy

What exactly do i dress my 17mth old son in when he is Christened? Is he too old to wear a gown? Thanks

Thursday 23 November 12:53pm

mumE started new topic Coral Homes

My partner and i are considering building with CORAL HOMES. Has anyone had experience or heard anything too negative about them? Thanks very much

Monday 13 November 07:49pm

mumE replied to topic Next Top Model

My partner is soooo sick of me watching anything with Tyra Banks in it!!! Some of the girls are so gross in the face but they've got the body i suppose.

Friday 10 November 07:44am

mumE started new topic Novels

My partner doesn't enjoy looking at picture books with our 9mth old son but will sit and read pages out of his novel. Is there any gain from this?

Wednesday 12 April 05:10pm

mumE started new topic Kazi

Kazi, i read that u went cold turkey when u wanted to remove the dummy. I will be doing this on the weekend as my son wakes up numerous times wanting it to be replaced. How many times did your li...

Tuesday 14 March 04:30pm

mumE started new topic dark circles

Over the last couple of weeks my 8mth old son has developed dark hollow circles under the eyes. Does this indicate any health issues? Thanks

Friday 10 March 08:07pm

mumE started new topic dairy

Along with baby's milk feeds, does anybody know how many servings of dairy per day a baby should be getting? Thanks

Thursday 02 March 10:02am

mumE started new topic Gymboree

I'm interested in taking my son (he's almost 8mths) to Gymboree. Did others find this to be a wothwhile experience?

Tuesday 28 February 10:30am

mumE started new topic plane travel

Can somebody please tell me how babies travel on planes? For instance, do they remain on your lap? Going to Sydney next month(from Brisbane) but i just want to mentally prepare myself on how i'll b...

Tuesday 21 February 07:28pm

mumE started new topic finger food

What sort of finger foods are suitable for a 7.5mth old? Thanks

Monday 20 February 08:45am

mumE replied to topic has anyone's bubs been born with a tongue tie?

Hi, my son had his tongue-tie cut at 2wks because he couldn't latch on properly. Once it was snipped it took probably 3 days or so to teach him how to latch on properly. Apparently they need to lea...

Monday 13 February 09:36am

mumE started new topic Christening

How do i go about getting my son Christened? Do you just ring the church? And also, will they Christen a baby born out of wedlock?

Thursday 09 February 09:19am

mumE started new topic baby cereals

I've noticed that u can buy either 'rice cereal' or 'baby's 1st muesli'. Is the muesli something that babies gradually progress to or can they stay on the rice cereal?

Saturday 04 February 07:14pm

mumE started new topic How many breastfeeds?

Just wondering how many breastfeeds your 7mth old is having during the day? The clinic nurse has said that my son should only be having 4 b'feeds per day along with 3 solid meals. I can't seem to...

Wednesday 01 February 03:56pm

mumE started new topic mango

Just wondering at what age can mango be introduced into a baby's diet? Thanks

Wednesday 01 February 12:30pm

mumE started new topic chewing books

My 6mth old son loves to chew on the plastic books that you can take into the bath. At what age do i start teaching him that books are not for chewing on?

Friday 27 January 08:25pm
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