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Angie67 replied to topic Diabetes during Pregnancy

Hi, I had gestational diabetes while pregnant with my first baby. I was on insulin injections x4 per day. I know it is annoying all the extra crap you have to go through. But I kept excellant c...

Tuesday 11 April 04:55pm

Angie67 replied to topic What age do i drop the wrap???

Hi Michelle, It's the 64 thousand dollar question!! I think the answer is, at whatever age they let you! If you look down the page, I posted a question "wrapped to unwrapped". I have a 4 month ...

Sunday 09 April 07:07am

Angie67 started new topic when do babies start to roll?

Hi, I have a 4 month old baby girl. I am just wondering when they start to roll and do just they do it?? or do you have to sit and show them how?? DE loves to lie on her back on a rug on the flo...

Saturday 08 April 03:41am

Angie67 started new topic How do you go from wrapping to unwrapping???

Hi, I have a 4 month old who is currently being double wrapped. A smaller wrap just secures her arms across her belly, so that she can move them down by her sides or across her chest but not up a...

Monday 03 April 04:22am

Angie67 replied to topic Exessive Sleeping

Hi, sounds like Josh is using you as his "settling" technique. Most of the settling advice and techniques I have read and tried from this website and from parenting magazines, say that you should...

Sunday 02 April 01:44pm

Angie67 replied to topic Tips on last feed routine?

Hi, well firstly I hate to say this, but not all baby's will sleep through the night no matter what you do. Having said that, my baby has been sleeping through the night since she was about 6 wee...

Thursday 30 March 06:26am

Angie67 started new topic settling after feeding taking hours

Hi, just wondering if any of you other mums have had the same problem/ or are having the same problem and might have some suggestions or tips that I haven't tried. I have a 7 1/2 week old baby gi...

Monday 06 February 02:23pm

Angie67 started new topic sleeps intially after a feed then screaming for hours

I have a 3 1/2 week old baby. She is formula feed on Karicare's 100% whey formula Sensacare - HA. She seems to find this ok. The problem I am having with her, is that she takes her bottle well, ...

Tuesday 10 January 01:12pm

Angie67 replied to topic She doesn't like to stay on the boob

Well I'm not an expect on breast feeding by any stretch of the imagination. Have you consulted with a lactation specialist?? They will come and visit you and supervise a feed and then give you go...

Thursday 05 January 09:44pm

Angie67 replied to topic Having an Internal????

You poor thing, you are in the wars at the moment. An internal is no more painful or uncomfortable then having a PAP smear. So in other words, yep it can be damn uncomfortable and depending on th...

Wednesday 07 December 06:34pm

Angie67 replied to topic Lightning pains!

I had some of these early in my pregnancy, they quite literally stopped me in my tracks and had me puffing and panting. I thought I was in pre-term labour or something. They told me, it was ligam...

Wednesday 07 December 05:58pm

Angie67 replied to topic Going for a trip to Tassie in Jan...

well today its hot hot hot.......26 degrees. Now that's probley not too bad for you, but after - temps in the winter, I have to say, it feels bloody hot. I'm originally from NSW, been down here 1...

Saturday 03 December 05:19pm

Angie67 replied to topic High GCT result - gestational diabetes

Hi, in response to your question, basically gestational diabetes means that while you pancreas is putting out insulin (which we need to open the gates to our cells, so we can use the energy we get ...

Saturday 26 November 06:33pm

Angie67 replied to topic cost of 3d/4d scans

Hmmm, I am wondering who told you that you couldn't claim anything back?? I had a 3d scan on Tuesday at my OB's and the cost was the same as having a regular scan, because they use the same machin...

Saturday 19 November 07:28am

Angie67 replied to topic Has any been able to tell?

Hi Eb, I too am 34 weeks pregnant. The only way to know for sure if the baby's head has engaged is via scan. Usually they don't engage until closer to the actual due date or later if you are goi...

Friday 18 November 07:37am

Angie67 replied to topic high risk patients

Hi Simone, what classes you as high risk?? I am classed as high risk because of my "advanced maternal age" (meaning I am over 35!) and also because I have pregnancy induced hyperglycemia (high su...

Wednesday 16 November 06:29am

Angie67 replied to topic lack of antenatal care options

Hi Violet, As a Nurse who is expecting her first child on the 15/12/05 I am appalled at the way you are being treated. You don't say what part of Australia you are in. Usually with a high risk p...

Saturday 12 November 03:15pm

Angie67 started new topic hyperglycemia in pregnancy

Hi, I can't seem to find any information on wether or not the amount of extra insulin a mother takes during her pregnancy affects the weight of the baby as well. I know that uncontrolled or high s...

Monday 07 November 02:40pm

Angie67 started new topic Anyone due soon??

Hi, just wondering if we have any Launceston mums that are due in Nov/Dec. I am booked in to have an elective c-section on the 15th Dec. I am absolutely the last person from everyone I know to h...

Sunday 06 November 08:23am

Angie67 replied to topic finding courage to get a job

Hi Heidi, just remember that's it all a matter of perspective. You have had your children young and are worried about entering the workforce, whereas I have had a career spanning 20yrs and am wor...

Sunday 06 November 08:19am
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