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Pisces92 replied to topic Due October 2016

Hi can someone please add me to the fb page, my name is Marni Babun I am due around the 16th october

Sunday 27 March 11:21am

Pisces92 started new topic New mums Salisbury area SA?

Hi i am a 23 year old who has a lovely 5 month old baby boy. I was wondering if there was anyone who has similar aged babies that would like to meet up or if anyone knows of any good mothers groups...

Tuesday 13 October 01:24pm

Pisces92 started new topic Ultrasound predicting early date?

We had an ultrasound yesterday to check a health issue, but that appeared alright thankfully. However, the lady doing the ultrasound couldn't stop talking about the baby is very large for his ...

Wednesday 25 March 02:33pm

Pisces92 replied to topic Being over worked

Hi, what company is it? It sounds really tough being 4 people that is just immature of your boss to put you under that pressure! I am 30 weeks at the moment and going through a sort of similar issu...

Monday 09 March 06:44pm

Pisces92 replied to topic Pregnant and we have a puppy! Help!

Hi you poor thing, Puppies are hard work. We have raised two puppies and boy its not fun cleaning up after their accidents. I don't know what is worse a newborn baby or a puppy. We will find o...

Monday 23 February 05:04pm

Pisces92 started new topic Steelcraft Capsule

Hi I was wondering does anyone know where you can buy if possible, the sun shade- canopies for car seats? We were given a Steelcraft Cruiser Capsule in great condition, but either it's an earl...

Monday 23 February 04:52pm

Pisces92 replied to topic Feeling baby move.

My little movements I would feel sitting down at a desk for long periods of times, or laying on my back at night watching tv. I got use to him moving and he would slowly move more and more as the d...

Sunday 18 January 09:41pm

Pisces92 replied to topic Nursery Furniture Help

That sounds really good. Boori is a really good brand, we bought a second hand Boori Bundle off of Gumtree which is 10 years old. Great condition. It seems like reliable furniture. Maybe check ou...

Wednesday 14 January 07:01pm

Pisces92 replied to topic Jobs while pregnant!

It might be best to ask anyone you know of jobs going through people they know? More chance of being hired. Takeaway shops or small business might be keen on hiring you at least it would be some i...

Wednesday 14 January 06:57pm

Pisces92 replied to topic Birth advice and such.

Hi I live in SA & I am 22 weeks almost. Which area in SA do you live? This is my first pregnancy too my 2nd hospital app is in a couple of weeks. I haven't thought about the birthing or t...

Sunday 11 January 09:54pm

Pisces92 replied to topic Feeling baby move.

I like your bubble description! Those little poking feelings grew more common. They are so light though but i feel it every now and then more so if i sit or lay down. The bubbles popping suits it b...

Saturday 10 January 11:50pm

Pisces92 replied to topic Feeling baby move.

Hey I am 20 weeks now & no feeling. It's hard isn't it?? Waiting for some sort of movement & thinking when there is if that was it? Last night I felt these slight poking feelings...

Saturday 03 January 12:04pm

Pisces92 started new topic Carseat Advice

This might be in the wrong category so sorry about that if it is. Just wondering does anyone have a baby capsule fitted into a Ford Territory? If so do you find the Anchor strap to the baby capsul...

Saturday 03 January 11:25am

Pisces92 replied to topic Breast Pumps

I didn't research. I just bought. I purchased a Mother's Choice Electric one because it was half price for $99 & I thought it was a bargain. While on this topic has anyone used one of...

Saturday 03 January 11:20am

Pisces92 started new topic Choosing Surnames

Okay this has probably been spoken about before but I couldn't find that many blogs about it. What are peoples thoughts on having both surnames as one, unhyphenated surname? Babys dad & I ...

Sunday 28 December 09:33pm

Pisces92 replied to topic DUE IN MAY 2015!!

People keep mentioning a group, I assumed its just that those expecting in May posted on this topic I am new to this site. If there is actually a group can I please join?

Tuesday 16 December 03:05pm

Pisces92 replied to topic Huggies New Born nappies at a bargain price

I got a bulk box of 160 for $45 from big w. Wishing i bought a few then. Just wondering how fast do newborns go through them?? Its our first baby and all our friends are saying stock up now when t...

Saturday 13 December 10:43pm

Pisces92 started new topic Baby bottle advice?

Hi everyone i am not sure if this is in the right topic category but I wanted mothers advice. I am expecting my first baby in May I was wondering firstly when is it too early to buy things?? We we...

Tuesday 18 November 09:40am

Pisces92 replied to topic travling to lylell mcewin hospital to have baby

Hi I live in northern suburbs & have been referred to Lyel Mc. Strange you are from out of Adelaide I thought they would have sent you to Women's & Children's. I am only having my...

Friday 31 October 03:02pm

Pisces92 started new topic Used Mattress

Hi everyone it's early to be buying baby things already but I found a bargain on Gumtree of nursery furniture. It included a Boori Cot Mattress which looks very clean but the previous owner di...

Friday 24 October 10:53am
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