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apalah replied to topic GROBAGS

Hi ladies, I love my grobag. My 11 month old DD has been sleeping in one since 4 months old. We bought the 1.5 tog which is warm enough for her. There is no need for blankets. She rolls on her stom...

Friday 22 September 10:45am

apalah replied to topic Finger foods

Someone recommended cheese sticks, not sure if it is appropriate for a 6 month old baby. You could also try steamed vegies (carrot, broccoli) etc. My ECH nurse recommended the drummette part of a c...

Friday 18 August 05:56pm

apalah replied to topic when to give things like chicken and beef

Hi leesa, I started by 10 month old DD on chicken and fish initially. Below is a chicken recipe that my daughter likes. It is from one of Annabel Karmel's books. I usually make a batch and then I f...

Tuesday 01 August 08:11am

apalah started new topic Not Drinking Water from cup

Hi, My DD who is 9 months old hates to drink water from a Pigeon Step 2 cup. I have tried other cups like Avent and Tommee Tippee but she does not know how to suck. She will drink water if I feed...

Sunday 23 July 12:19am

apalah replied to topic How many bottles?!

Hi, My daughter is 10 months, and she still has 4 bottles. 7am (180ml) 12pm (180ml) 4:30pm (about 120ml) 7:30pm (180ml) - bed. I have not started her on lunch as she seems happy with milk. I am ...

Saturday 22 July 11:43pm

apalah replied to topic Full time working moms , how do u manage.......

I guess it is not an easy job to balance work and family life. If you have extended family or close friends who can help, ask them. Don't try to be a superwoman. When I returned to full time work, ...

Tuesday 30 May 06:21pm

apalah replied to topic When to give water?????

Hi Kylie, I have a 7 month old daughter. When I started solids, I also gave her a cup to drink on between mouthfuls. I recommend the Step 2 cup by Pigeon. It does not have a valve, and it is easier...

Tuesday 02 May 06:08pm

apalah replied to topic Which apples do i use?

Hi Vickie, I have tried the apple gala variety which are in season now. There are sweeter.

Tuesday 02 May 06:02pm

apalah replied to topic Veggies before Fruit

With my 7 month old daughter, I started with fruit with cereal for breakfast and then vegies for dinner. Initially I tried potatoes, sweet potatoes (kumara), pumpkin then carrots. I am now moving o...

Tuesday 02 May 05:46pm

apalah replied to topic a stupid question i know!!

You can buy the pitted prunes from the dried fruit section of the supermarket. Add about 5 prunes to a small saucepan and cover with water. Bring to boil, simmer till prunes are soft. Then pour the...

Friday 31 March 07:36am

apalah replied to topic tresillian help

Hi, I am a true believer in the Tresillian method. I know a lot of parents find their ways hard to implement but if you stick with it, it is good for the long term. I went to the day stay clinics ...

Saturday 18 March 01:28pm
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