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matsmum replied to topic anybody else, please help

Hi Avril, My DS is 20mths old but some of what you wrote sounds very familiar to me, however my DS seems to be slowly growing out of some things. The eating has been a big issue and DS has a lot of...

Saturday 24 March 12:15pm

matsmum replied to topic breastfeeding mum with a bad cold!!!! any suggestions

Hi Kristabelle, you poor thing, I had that a few months ago, nothing worse, I drank Fenugreek tea - the Fenugreek settles the mucous membranes naturally, it didn't make my runny nose go away but i...

Tuesday 09 May 10:47am

matsmum replied to topic Producing enough milk?

Hi Stimpy, like everyone before me supply vs demand so expressing is important, but I also found Fenugreek was good for getting milksupply up, you can either buy it at the health food shop in caps...

Thursday 20 April 10:32am

matsmum replied to topic When to drop to 3 feeds

Hi Jacka, My DS is now 9 1/2 mths old and I dropped down to 3 feeds about 2/3 wks ago, it was relatively fuss free, I dropped the 11am feed and now just give a snack, it usually ends up being chee...

Thursday 20 April 10:27am

matsmum replied to topic Nipple Vasospasam

Hi Kridan, My DS is 9mths old and I am still breastfeeding, however it took a long time to get it right, I have had many a Vasospasam although obviously not as bad as yours, the breastfeeding clin...

Thursday 13 April 06:56am

matsmum replied to topic food allergys

Hi Sweetkatie, My DS has allergies to gluten and eggs which has meant that as I am breastfeeding I have had to go gluten free, he is now 9mths, I waited until he was 6mths before we started solids,...

Thursday 13 April 06:32am

matsmum replied to topic No Blankets and sleeping in weird positions.

Hi, my DS is 9mths old, had the same problem, bought a grobag sleeping bag and it has been fantastic, I find him all over the cot but he is nice and warm and mostly sleeps through the night. Matsmum

Thursday 13 April 06:21am

matsmum replied to topic cot bumpers

My DS is 9 mths old and is a very restless sleeper with hands and legs often getting stuck outside the cot and waking up regularly with bumps to the head, I read the sids stuff spoke to friends bot...

Wednesday 12 April 10:53am

matsmum replied to topic How are the july 05 bubs doin?

Hi Everyone, Mateo born on the 4/7/05, has just started crawling a week ago, he only weighs 7.2kg, working on fattening him up a bit more, does a lot of babbling no words as yet, not a good sleep...

Tuesday 21 March 12:58pm

matsmum started new topic 8 mth old not sleeping, help

My 8 mth old has never been a very good sleeper either day or night, there was a period between 4 and 6 mths where he slept through the night, but since then he wakes any where between 2 up to 10 t...

Tuesday 21 March 09:09am
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