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babe84s replied to topic Wet Weather Ideas - Any More?

Ive made a rainy day box. Well havnt quite finished it. But we have made a couple of things from the stuff in it. The kids love it. Made binocculars out of toilet rolls and cellophane. Then we deco...

Tuesday 12 June 12:32pm

babe84s replied to topic What do you give bub for a cold?

My 20 mth old has a cold too. I went to the doctor and chemist. They both said I wasnt allowed to give her anything. I did go to the supermarket to gt something because i feel so bad for her. But t...

Tuesday 12 June 12:22pm

babe84s replied to topic Are your baby's named after anyone?????

My girls are named after people in the family. Christina Marie Rose = Christina is from my grandfathers sister who past away when she was 5yrs. My Christina was given her name sakes doll when she ...

Monday 28 May 10:37am

babe84s replied to topic Adivce for hair washing

We used a flannal last night. Also waited till the end of the bath. I understand it will take time to get used to the flannal. She didnt like the flannal on her face. So next time my partner or i w...

Saturday 26 May 02:06am

babe84s started new topic Adivce for hair washing

Can anyone give me some advice about hair washing? My daughter is 20 mths. And has the most beautiful hair. Long and thick. She used to lie down and let us wash it. But a few months months back she...

Friday 25 May 01:52am

babe84s started new topic Is it possible?

I have a friend who says she was pregnant. She said that she took a test less than one week after her period. Then when her next period was due she said that she miscarried. What Im asking is, is i...

Saturday 17 June 04:42am

babe84s started new topic No Blankets and sleeping in weird positions.

Lilian (6 mths) refuses to stay under her blankets. She wriggles around and gets into weird positions. feet hanging out the sides and on her tummy at the wrong end of the cot etc. Fustrating as we ...

Monday 10 April 02:16am

babe84s replied to topic Gagging on food.

I gave Lilian potaoe, kumera and carrot tonight and she too also gagged. Freaked me out.

Monday 30 January 05:53pm

babe84s started new topic Solids at 2months??????????????

My partners friend came to visit last nite and told us that him and his wive have been giving their two month old solids!! I dont know wot his feeding is like but thought 2 months was way too soon!...

Saturday 28 January 05:48am

babe84s replied to topic Tin or homemade?

Ive brought tins/jars to start with. But have made homemade and froze it. im goning to eventually going to only have tins/jars for when we go out.

Saturday 28 January 05:42am

babe84s replied to topic Water??

I was told by my plunket nurse that i can give lilian water from anytime. I breast fed her until she was 8 weeks. Then was put on formula. Sometimes i forget too. As for sterilizing Im sure i read ...

Saturday 28 January 05:37am

babe84s started new topic waitara mums or mums to be

Hi! Ive only living in waitara for 8 months. And dont really know anyone, especially mums yet. The friends i do have that have children live out of town. Most of my friends are my partners mates an...

Thursday 26 January 11:37am

babe84s replied to topic Do i have prenatal depression??

I am too unsure of if i have PND or not. I have a 5 year old and 3 mth old. I can get very moody. I get very upset at the littlest of things. When i do get upset i feel like i just want to hurt mys...

Friday 06 January 03:33am

babe84s started new topic Routines and weight issues???

My child care worker has told me to give Lilian an extra bottle during the day. The thing is she just wont take it. Shes 3 mths, has 4 bottles @ 150mls. Sleeps anywhere between 21/2 hrs - 3 hrs. Sl...

Saturday 31 December 09:07am

babe84s replied to topic How was your Christmas?

Hay! Christmas was absolutely awesome! I love the look on my childrens faces when they saw the christmas tree! Lilian was too little to understand, but she seemed into things. Liked the wraping pap...

Thursday 29 December 04:17am

babe84s started new topic Anyone have problems with interfering inlaws & parents?

I have a big problem with my inlaws and parents! They constantly buy, buy, buy! Constantly ringing! Always wanting to go to my 3 mths old heath checks. Half of it is my fault. As I dont like to say...

Saturday 24 December 02:54pm

babe84s replied to topic Custody issues, grandma and father why now?

Hay! I can sort of relate. I fell pregnant with my first @ 17. The father didnt want to know. When my daughter was one, i found him. He came around. Everything was fine, until he got a new girlfrie...

Saturday 24 December 02:22pm
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