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Anam1 replied to topic Annalise????

My daughter is Annaleise Rose, but I also like your suggestion of Annalise Maree or Annalise Luka. When I chose the name, I had chosen it long before I even had children but didn't know how it sho...

Friday 02 July 05:45am

Anam1 started new topic Help with a 4 yr old not eating well

My DD is 4 turning 5 in August. She eats porridge for breakfast or fruity bix, usually a vegemite sandwich or rice cakes for lunch but tea is a struggle. I have tried giving her tea at lunch time...

Saturday 05 June 06:15am

Anam1 started new topic Starting solids - 4 months or 6 months??

Can anyone please help? I have received conflicting information. When DD1 was born (5 years ago) I was told that you didn't start a baby on solids until 6 months old. The other day I was told by...

Saturday 24 April 06:58am

Anam1 started new topic Help, feeding every 2 - 3 hours

My DS, now 10 1/2 weeks is now exclusively formula fed. Problem is he is only drinking about 100 - 150ml of milk each feed. He wants a feed nearly every 2 - 3 hours during the day and sometimes a...

Friday 26 March 07:27pm

Anam1 started new topic Swaddling

Sorry, wasn't sure whether to post in newborn or not. My DS is 10 1/2 weeks old. He seems to hate being swaddled and fights it all the way, but once asleep is OK. The problem is sometimes he fig...

Friday 26 March 07:18pm

Anam1 replied to topic S26 LF with Karricare Thickner" vs everything else I have tried

You sound just like me. We could open a shop together between the two of us it sounds like we have every brand of formula. My DS (nearly 6 weeks) has reflux and colic. We too went through alot o...

Monday 22 February 12:17pm

Anam1 started new topic Wheezing sound in newborn

My DS is 5 weeks old. Ever since he was born, I have heard him have a wheezing sound (like crackly breathing), particularly at night. I have had him to the GP and the Peadiatrician. Of course ne...

Thursday 18 February 07:19pm

Anam1 started new topic abdominal cramping after c-section

Hi all. I had my DS by C section nearly 3 weeks ago. For the last 3 days I have had quite severe stomach cramping off and on during the day. I don't know if this is cramping due to the normal bl...

Monday 01 February 10:34am

Anam1 replied to topic Due in January 2010

Hi ladies, how are we all? We are pleased to announce the arrival of our beautiful baby boy, Jerryd Patrick. Born by c-section on 12 January 2010 at 8.36am. 7 pound 07 ounces. 52cm long. Can't...

Monday 18 January 09:35am

Anam1 started new topic Should I get my tubes tied?

I am booked in for a ceaser this tuesday the 12th. I already have a DD and this baby is supposed to be a DS. My DH and I always agreed that we either have 2 children or 4 children, but never 3 (b...

Sunday 10 January 07:36pm

Anam1 started new topic Spinal block vs epidural - advice pls?

I am booked in for my c-section on Tuesday the 12th and now I am scared. My first birth was natural so this is all new to me. My OB who does the C-section said the aneathestist (sp) will use a sp...

Sunday 10 January 07:26pm

Anam1 replied to topic Feeling a little bit sad ...

I know exactly how you feel. I have a DD and due for a C-section on Tuesday 12th. I keep looking at her and thinking about how I am not going to have the time to do the "special" things I do with...

Friday 08 January 07:54pm

Anam1 replied to topic uwen for a boys name

I went to school with a boy named Ewen and he wasn't teased because of his name. I prefer the spelling of Ewen.

Friday 08 January 07:16pm

Anam1 replied to topic Anyone had a scan with Echogenic Foli in Baby's He

Hi Kerri"83. My 20 week scan showed up echogenic foll in bowel. It was shown by the senographer to me and it shows up brighter than other areas. I was immediately concerned and phoned my OB. He...

Thursday 07 January 06:51pm

Anam1 replied to topic Kindy / early learning

Whereabouts in Qld are you? My DD is 4 and about to start kindy, did Kindermusik and kindergym so if you live near me i could help out with that. Also have you thought of swimmimg lessons? My DD...

Wednesday 06 January 07:47pm

Anam1 replied to topic C- Section v Natural BIrth

Hi there. I too had a very traumatic first birth. I was torn from vagina to anus that had to be stitched up, had heammoroids (sp) burst that had to be stitched up, and lost about 2 litres of bloo...

Monday 04 January 08:05pm

Anam1 replied to topic No sex drive

Don't feel embaressed (sp). Mine is missing in action along with all the others. My DD is 4 and I have another one due in a few days. I only had it then to conceive (was planned) but other than ...

Sunday 03 January 08:10pm

Anam1 replied to topic Due in January 2010

Hi ladies, Ausnik2008, I too have been having a similiar sort of discharge and have wondered the same thing. I mentioned it to OB, he didn't seem concerned, didn't do examination, but said sounde...

Sunday 03 January 07:21pm

Anam1 started new topic 2nd baby labour advice pls.

Hi I am 37wks pregnant. Have a ceaser booked for 12th Jan when I will be 39wks. My DD#1 was one week overdue (born 40wks afer induction). My DH works a fair way from home and isn't due to be bac...

Friday 01 January 09:02pm

Anam1 replied to topic Due in January 2010

KC, good luck with your ceaser tomorrow. I hope it all goes well and bubs is safe and healthy and I wish you well on your road to recovery. I would be interested to know your ceaser experience (h...

Tuesday 29 December 08:29pm
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