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michadam started new topic 23mth old wont keep blankets on

I have 23mth old boy, sleeping in a big bed on his own. Has been wearing a Size 3 fleecy sleep suit/all in one from Target because he wont keep the blankets/sheets on. Its too warm for fleece no...

Friday 30 October 09:23am

michadam replied to topic stop breastfeeding night

Hi there,I just went to see a sleep doctor for my 5mth old DS and we discovered he is pretty hungry....not getting enough from me anymore and we had to really start giving more solids. As well as c...

Sunday 04 May 03:45pm

michadam replied to topic Expressing, not enough?

Thanks Christina. I teach dance so I will only be going to class one night a week for about 6 hours. So will need 2 feeds. Baby will only be 7 weeks when I start back in class. He is 5 weeks no...

Saturday 19 January 09:07am

michadam replied to topic Expressing, not enough?

thanks! I guess if you are not enjoying it then you just have to remember that its good for the baby! It didn't work for me with my first son but I'm enjoying it this time! I'll just persist wi...

Thursday 17 January 05:11pm

michadam replied to topic Expressing, not enough?

wow! so you just express in the morning and dont put him on the breast? do you use the freezer bags, and where do you get them? I thought that when I come home from work I will need to express an...

Thursday 17 January 01:23pm

michadam started new topic Expressing, not enough?

wondering if someone can help. I need to express at least 2 feeds worth so I can go to work once a week. my midwife suggested expressing after each feed for 10 mins each side. But I only got abo...

Thursday 17 January 08:07am

michadam replied to topic Full time working mum (baby 11 weeks)

Hi there, I went back to working for myself when my son was 5 weeks (now 11 weeks). I teach dance and run my own school so I work about 24 hours a week away from the house and my husband looks a...

Thursday 16 March 06:51pm

michadam replied to topic Exercise after a Ceaserean

Hi there, My obgyn said I could start tummy exercises after my 6 week visit. And I have been doing them every since (now been 11 weeks.) I was quite fit before the baby was born. I teach dance a...

Thursday 16 March 06:38pm

michadam replied to topic Dry skin

Hi there, I use Gaia skin soothing lotion. Its an australian made product which is all natural (bit like Jurlique actually). It smells great and took the redness out of the rashes straight awa...

Thursday 16 March 06:28pm

michadam replied to topic refuses day sleeps!!!

you could try a baby sling or carrier, should help you get things done if you need to carry the little one while he sleeps. I had this trouble a few weeks ago and we let him play for a while. On ...

Thursday 16 March 06:09pm

michadam replied to topic frequent feeding

Hi there, I had a friend who had the same problem and her doctor suggested putting a spoon of farex or similar into the bottle to fill them up. Speak to your local nurses though before you try it.

Thursday 16 March 06:05pm

michadam replied to topic second-hand pump OK?

Hi there, I hired an electric one and was glad i didnt buy one in the end because i only used it for 2 weeks! i dont see anything wrong with a second hand one, but would suggest looking into hiri...

Thursday 16 March 10:18am

michadam started new topic Crying/fussy at Feeding

Hi All, I have a 10 week old boy who is on s26 gold. 4 hourly during the day and 2 weeks ago was sleeping through from 10.30-6am. He was taking 180 mls each time. No he seems to cry once he has...

Tuesday 14 March 01:21pm
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