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Mrs Mac

Mrs Mac replied to topic I need some advice PLEASE

Hi there, one thing that I have learnt in the 18 months my daughter has been around is that they get VERY good at manipulating you! They dont do it to be naughty, its just how they learn cause and ...

Sunday 11 June 08:36am
Mrs Mac

Mrs Mac replied to topic Waking twice a night!

Hi, my 17 month old is waking a couple of times a night too. The times are pretty hit and miss but she will wake at least once during the night and need to be re-settled. I try to let her cry hers...

Sunday 04 June 09:07am
Mrs Mac

Mrs Mac replied to topic controlled crying????

We had to control cry our daughter at 7 1/2 months. She had a dummy at that stage and was waking about 5 times a night. She was a shocking sleeper and I was absolutely exhausted. The crunch came on...

Tuesday 16 May 07:07am
Mrs Mac
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