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diana756 replied to topic How comfortable are you with leaving your baby/kids?

For me, I really am uneasy whenever I go out to an appointment and leave my little one with a childcare staff.The tension does not seem to go off... and I always rush things so I can go back earlie...

Sunday 26 October 03:44pm

diana756 replied to topic stay at home mummys

I'm sewing, doing embroidery and other stitching activities when I'm left home with my dd. Also it gives me time to experiment with baby foods, when you have an all-in-one food processor ...

Sunday 26 October 03:39pm

diana756 replied to topic Bedtime battles

This worked out for me... Set a bedtime routine. Keep it short and simple, such as a bath, a nappy change then into her pyjamas, and a story or song. You could also try massaging your baby. Finish ...

Sunday 21 September 02:33pm

diana756 replied to topic Need a boys name urgently!

I'd like the name 'Aiden' it starts with a letter 'A', so he must be a prime one, it means "fiery." Originally a Gaelic name, it is also the name of the Celtic su...

Sunday 21 September 02:21pm

diana756 replied to topic Hypersensitive gag reflex and constant vomiting

I've been through the same thing. My health care provider gave me this simple tips, it may not work for everyone, but still its worth a try rather than doing nothing. Often, no feeding changes...

Sunday 21 September 02:15pm

diana756 replied to topic My 5 month old catnapping during the day is driving me insane! Help!

I fought the 30 minute naps by stretching wake times and ignoring the early bedtime advice...I think some babies just need less sleep. By having slightly longer than average wake times at 5 months...

Sunday 21 September 02:03pm

diana756 replied to topic how long can you keep bottles?

I used the bottle of my first daughter for my dd too... I don't think its much of a problem specially if you have quality bottles (mine is from cherub baby) and it can last long enough. And yo...

Tuesday 25 March 12:36am

diana756 replied to topic Adenoids and fussy eating

Yes she is 5years sorry for the mistake... Thank you MamaMum, it really made me feel good that another mum is doing good with the same condition. I went to the ENT this week and he recommended I us...

Thursday 06 March 01:18am

diana756 started new topic Adenoids and fussy eating

Hi there, My dd (who has a long list of allergies), is 5years old and is going to have her adenoid removal procedure later this year and is an extremely fussy eater - tending to stick to fairly bl...

Sunday 09 February 02:34pm

diana756 started new topic Help - my 6 month old baby spills a lot of milk while feeding

Hi all, my 6 month old little girl keeps spilling the milk out the sides of her mouth when I try to bottle feed her... I'm not sure if her mouth is too small or not!? On the last 2 days she wa...

Saturday 25 January 12:33am
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