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mellybutton replied to topic ivf baby

Hi I just worked out the other day that of 7years of marriage my hubby and I have spent 5 years of those years trying to get pregnant and 9 months being pregnant, that has not let much time for th...

Friday 21 July 01:33pm

mellybutton replied to topic v-bac

I'm 13 weeks and had an emergency C-section with my first too. I have changed hospital and obstri and my new Dr is very pro VBAC. He suggested for me to read "New Active Birth". (I got my copy a...

Friday 21 July 01:17pm

mellybutton replied to topic Help with spelling

Hi I love the name Isabella as well, but I prefer it spelt this way. My husband's grandmother's name was Isobel, so the spelling of it with an "o" would not be a new thing. I would however consi...

Friday 21 July 12:50pm

mellybutton replied to topic clomid question

Hi Jo I understand your frustration. We have just found out we are pregnant with #2 after 20 months of fertitlity treatment and trying almost 3 years, it was IVF that worked. Our first daughter w...

Friday 09 June 07:29pm

mellybutton replied to topic babies due Jan 07????

Hi Jackie Congrates on your bub. What day in Jan are you due? I'm due Jan 26th with No. 2, and my daughter will be 3 1/2. Did you know there is another group already messaging "Due last week ...

Friday 09 June 06:49pm

mellybutton replied to topic Anyone due last week of Jan with #2?

Hi Everyone I'm due with #2 on Jan 26th. We have a beautiful daughter who will be 3 1/2 when this baby is born. We have been trying to have our second child since our 1st on was born, but finally...

Saturday 03 June 06:15am
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