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susantosca replied to topic Bub's nails flaking

Hi C.C. Olivia's big-toe nails often flake and so do some of her fingernails. I was told by the ECC that it was normal and not to worry.

Wednesday 11 January 08:25pm

susantosca started new topic longer "up" times

Hi everyone In the last week or so Olivia has been taking longer and longer to get to sleep. She is almost 9 months and she used to: *wake at around 6.30 am - still the same now * sleep from 9.15 ...

Tuesday 10 January 07:08pm

susantosca replied to topic Heating baby food when out & about

Hi Kerry I'm leaving on the 24th and returning on the mornign of the 27th Dec which means 2 full days + 1 dinner + 1 bkfst. I'll just be bringing along 3 weetbixes, 1/2 cup of apricot puree, 1/2 ...

Wednesday 21 December 08:10pm

susantosca started new topic okay, whats the verdict on tomatoes / milk?

Hi everyone I was under the impression that we should avoid cooking with tomatoes until our babies are 1 year old, however numerous cooking books and recipies from other sites say that you can off...

Wednesday 21 December 07:35pm

susantosca replied to topic Putting bubs in their own bedroom.

Dear Angelique i had Olivia in her own room from day 1 and she is now 8 months old. Her bedroom is next to ours, although our rooms are separated by the bathroom. Initially i was using a baby mon...

Friday 16 December 07:49pm

susantosca started new topic bizarre wakeups!

Hi everyone Olivia has just turned 8 months. She has been going to bed at around 6pm, then without fail would wake somewhere around 9-9.30pm for a final feed, then i often wouldn't hear a peep til...

Friday 16 December 07:40pm

susantosca replied to topic unwrapped now needs wrapping again

Hello Tiffany it sounds like your little one would profit from being wrapped every time she goes to bed. I was wrapping Olivia until 6 months, then i found that she was coming out of her wrap so i...

Wednesday 30 November 01:45pm

susantosca replied to topic What toy does your babe get the most from?

Hello Mel05 My Olivia is now 7.5 months old so our babies are pretty close in age. I tend to buy toys now that i feel will assist with her development. i have just bought: 1) 10 rubber cubes (Par...

Wednesday 30 November 01:35pm

susantosca replied to topic where do the arms go?

Hi mumE when Olivia was starting to sit up on the floor, i would help her by keeping her legs spread so that they made a 75 degree angle (any narrower adn she'd topple). She would keep both her ...

Wednesday 30 November 01:24pm

susantosca started new topic Fish??

Hi everyone My little one is 7.5 months and i've tried to get her to try fish in the following ways: 1. steamed sea perch, pureed with vegies on the side (met with disgust) 2. boiled sea perch wit...

Tuesday 29 November 07:13pm

susantosca started new topic cot movement

Hi everyone My 7.5 month old is placed on her back when she goes to sleep and moments later she's on her side then on her front - she is placed in the bottom 1/2 of the bed so that she can't wrigg...

Monday 28 November 08:18pm

susantosca replied to topic How do i start him on solids!

Hi Lizz here's what i did so i hope this helps. First 7 days feed only rice cereal (particularly since he isn't 6 months yet, ie. i wouldn't be adding fruit to it at this stage as shellytwins abo...

Tuesday 08 November 09:33am

susantosca started new topic weetbix

Hi everyone Up until now my 6.5 month daughter has been having about 2 tabs of prepared rice-cereal (with cooled boiled water) with a couple of tabs of fruit puree for breakfast (an hour or so aft...

Wednesday 02 November 02:26pm

susantosca replied to topic half wrapping, how has it worked for you - any tips?

Oh... the wrap... moan.. I find that if my 6 1/2 month old is tired and busting for a sleep then be it day or night, I'll quickly wrap her from her armpits down and she'll fall asleep very quic...

Monday 31 October 06:15pm

susantosca replied to topic Feeding Routines

Hello Tunk My daughter is also 6.5 months and has been on solids for 3 weeks. For the first week she was on only one solid meal (morning). ie . she had her first breastfeed at 6.30ish then she'd...

Sunday 30 October 04:58pm

susantosca replied to topic how to make a good potato puree

hi Treen07 mine is going to sound boring, but my daughter has lapped it up. Get a couple of potatos (i use the white skinned ones). Peel them so that there are no strippy bits, chop into small pie...

Saturday 29 October 11:35am

susantosca replied to topic GRR I'M SO ANGRY

Hi Amy I'm with you. I'd be counting down the minutes until my little one came back, particularly when you're this distressed. Although its natural that Pa will only want to love and protect Ella,...

Friday 28 October 06:29pm

susantosca replied to topic High Chair - What to buy?

Hi Kerry i have a Prima Pappa high chair which i had bought from Baby Kingdom for $195 ($80 cheaper than Target). My only problem with it is that its not smooth rolling on the floorboards - it occ...

Friday 28 October 02:46pm

susantosca replied to topic Unwrapping saga continued....

Hi Kazi I'm finding that Olivia (6.5 months old) is loathing the wrap right now - i don't know if its because she's getting too big for it or if its because of the weather. As soon as i've wrapped...

Wednesday 26 October 03:01pm

susantosca replied to topic Which apples to use

Hi Angelique I don't know that it matters which ones you use. I;ve done one batch with Granny smiths (the green ones) and one batch with the gala apples. All i do is peel, core, chop then microwa...

Wednesday 26 October 02:41pm
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