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kiwicolz started new topic Sickly daycare!!!!

Hi there, a few months ago i started my then 16mth old into a well known local day care, only 2 days a week, so she would get that much needed child interaction, from the first day there she can h...

Saturday 30 September 04:11pm

kiwicolz replied to topic Grinding Teeth at 3 years of Age

oh wow!! yes my dd is 15mths old and as soon as she cut 2 teeth she started griding!! but not whiel she was asleep, while awake.. i cant stand the sound of it and she now chaces me around the house...

Sunday 30 July 06:06pm

kiwicolz started new topic Where can i find a..............

Hey everybody, well this is not a baby related question today, but thought someone out there might be able to help me. I am looking for new zealand food store, in the brisbane area, i have seen a ...

Thursday 30 March 01:08pm

kiwicolz started new topic 11mths old and still not crawling!!

My daughter is 11 mths old tomorrow, and she still isnt crawling!, actually she doesnt even roll over. Is this normal? she can sit and can turn around but thats it, she can not even hold her weigh...

Friday 10 March 06:57pm

kiwicolz started new topic beach camping cheap but nice

Hey everyone just wondering if anyone has any idea of a nice small beach place to go camping with an infant , in nsw, not to popular. Any ideas let me know thanks.

Tuesday 27 December 12:25pm

kiwicolz started new topic constipation and silver beet!!!

Recently on my trip to nz to see the family, my mum mentioned that if your baby if gets constipated, that all you should do is cook up some silver beet and add it to there food, and it works REALLY...

Thursday 17 November 09:30am

kiwicolz started new topic BLUE LIPS

i need some help on this one, my baby girl almost 7 mths has started getting a blue botttom lip, it comes and goes. at first i thought it was from her dummy, but i have now noticed that it comes e...

Saturday 29 October 03:21pm

kiwicolz started new topic Babysitting issues.

I am sooo worried.. next weekend me and my partner are of to my friends wedding.. and i cant wait, it will be the first time since Ash was born (5mths ago) that we are both going out together and w...

Sunday 18 September 02:38pm

kiwicolz started new topic What a partner!!

I thought this might be a good place to start up a disscuission about something our partner has done, that has amazed as, totally something you wouldnt expect, good or bad.. I am working hard to ...

Tuesday 06 September 04:58pm

kiwicolz replied to topic Soy Formula?

my little one was kinda the same, when she was a few weeks old the doctor tried to tell us that she was lactose intolorant and so we had to put her on all the soy stuff, me being me didnt listen to...

Tuesday 06 September 10:23am

kiwicolz started new topic What wrong with me??

Ok i need to know if anyone has or had this problem, o know what could be wrong. I am always sooooo tierd, my daughter sleeps 9 - 10 hours a night with out waking, we is great during the day, she ...

Tuesday 06 September 10:16am

kiwicolz started new topic he thinks i think he is stupid!!!

I was just wondering who else out there second guesses their partners. Not cause they think they are stupid or becaue they dont know what they are doing, but for their own peace of mind. I do thi...

Monday 29 August 09:41am

kiwicolz started new topic frozen hands, please help!!!

My daughter is 4.5mths, we live in a warm unit, but every morning, my daughters hands are purple and frozen, i have tried putting two pairs of mittens on, but this does nothing at all, i tuck her a...

Monday 29 August 07:13am

kiwicolz replied to topic Is my career all over now that I am a mum?

i was a jnr travel consultant when i was 17 i fell pregnant with my first at 18, and became a stay at home mum, then had my second 2 years later, since i have been living in Austrlia 3 years ago i ...

Monday 22 August 12:50pm

kiwicolz replied to topic Who does your bub look like?

well i have three children two from a previous marriage. My elsdest daughter looks like myself, my son looks like noone we know, (although im pretty sure hes mine!!) and well my 18 week old, she l...

Friday 19 August 05:08pm

kiwicolz replied to topic selling on ebay

i recently sold my first item on ebay a few weeks ago, i mucked up everything, but it was a learning curve and i will selling things on there again, its a good way to make some xtra cash and get ri...

Friday 19 August 03:12pm

kiwicolz replied to topic Tattooed?

Sure do my first was hot stuff the devil on my breast, (rather streatched now) second was an indian feather down my arm and my third and most prized are to large angels playing and reaching for a l...

Tuesday 16 August 06:23am

kiwicolz replied to topic feeding baby with reflux

My baby has reflux, she is 17 weeks old and has been making chewing motions for about a week now, when she sees us eat, so i have tried her on different foods anshe loves it, about a teaspoon a day...

Monday 08 August 11:10am

kiwicolz started new topic LOSING EYESIGHT WITH EACH PREGNANY!!

I had my first child when i was 18, 3 months after the birth i had realised i had to have glasses as i had lost some of my eye sight. Two years later i had baby no 2 and once a gain my eyes got wo...

Tuesday 02 August 11:00am

kiwicolz replied to topic Whats your 4mth old doing??

Hey bubajesse my baby girl is 15 weeks so not to far off, she isnt doing to much yet, she has just started to look up behind her which is a huge thing, i guess she remember sthats where we are, i ...

Friday 29 July 05:53pm
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