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humptydumpty replied to topic Fundal Height Measurements

To Renee, My fundal height measurements were never what they were supposed to be. They were always a few cm's behind what they were meant to be. My ob didn't seem to be concerned about it.. I ende...

Thursday 27 July 07:50am

humptydumpty replied to topic Food then bottle

Hello, I have just recently swapped my 7 month old to food then bottle but have had a few problems with this as I was finding that she would have the food and was too full afterwards to have the b...

Saturday 17 September 09:44am

humptydumpty started new topic Swimming classes

Just wondering when everyone started swimming classes with there children...I have booked my daughter into swimming lessons but now am thinking that perhaps she is too young... She will be 8 months...

Monday 29 August 04:33pm

humptydumpty replied to topic standing baby

Hello, My 6 month old is the same... Never wants to sit and just wants to stand.. Always cries when I am trying to get her to sit but as soon as I stand her up she is happy....Would love to hear o...

Monday 15 August 05:42pm

humptydumpty replied to topic I didnt know what to do

Hi Karen, If it makes you feel better my breastfed daughter initially wouldn't take the bottle but through persistance eventually took it... I went through several different teats and the only on...

Thursday 04 August 12:02pm

humptydumpty replied to topic little spewy burps

Hello Kylie, Don't know if I can be much help but my 5 month old daughter recently has started having one bottle of formula a day and the rest breastfeeding and does lots of little spewy burps sin...

Wednesday 13 July 11:24am

humptydumpty replied to topic pillow/head rest to prevent flat spot

Hi Liz, My daughter has the same problem... I had a head rest made for her but the other day I saw head rests in the baby section at Target (not sure if Target is in QLD as I am from NSW).. Hope t...

Sunday 03 July 03:53pm

humptydumpty replied to topic Breastfeeding and Windy Baby

Hello libby8, I know how you feel with your baby having colic and just to reassure you that breastfed babies do definitely get colic! My now 5 month old baby had bad colic and used to be up for ho...

Sunday 03 July 05:41am

humptydumpty replied to topic Should my nearly 4 month old be sleeping through the night?

My 4 month old girl is still waking up once during the night for a feed... Has stretched out to 5am a few times... She is currently fully breastfed..I think every baby is different, some sleep thro...

Wednesday 08 June 07:47am

humptydumpty replied to topic babies born february 2005

Hi Amanda, My little girl was born 7th February 2005.. I would love to have a chat!! It is very interesting chatting about babies of similar ages... How is your little boy going>? Talk to you ...

Tuesday 07 June 08:33am

humptydumpty started new topic Avent Breast Pump

Hello all, Just wondered if anyone has used the avent breast pump (the manual one) and whether they found it to be ok... Just currently considering my options as need to return to work soon and my...

Thursday 02 June 07:02am
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