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Kphan started new topic NZ - annual leave earned while on maternity leave

I'm confused about what annual leave entitlement I've earned while on 12 months maternity leave. I've read the government websites & thought I had it straight in my head, but th...

Wednesday 12 August 08:34pm

Kphan replied to topic grandparents

We had an issue with family constantly wanting to hold & cuddle baby when visiting, which although lovely often meant baby had basically no floor or tummy time all day. We picked a time to exp...

Wednesday 29 April 09:01am

Kphan replied to topic Induced births. Are they harder than spontaneous natural births?

I had heard that induction could take days in some cases so was prepared for a long process, however our experience was very fast & intense. At 39w I had just one lot of the gel at 4pm & wa...

Saturday 25 April 06:26pm

Kphan replied to topic First foods for 6 month old... Ideas please.

I found mini muffin tins a handy size for freezing batches of individual boiled & stick blended vegetables and meats, & stored them in separate airtight bags or containers in freezer. Then ...

Monday 23 March 08:50pm

Kphan replied to topic Steelcraft Capsule

If you don't have any luck finding a replacement of the same brand, you could try a Snoozeshade. We have one that fits over our capsule, but can also stretch to fit our full size pram. It&#x...

Thursday 26 February 02:10pm
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