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Teneale88 replied to topic How do you cope?

Lisajane91 wrote: Hi ladies, I'm finding it really hard to think about anything other than becoming pregnant. I am finding it hard to sleep and just enjoy the ride. I have always been an extr...

Sunday 13 July 08:58pm

Teneale88 replied to topic Pregnancy after implanon removal?

Oh I've not heard that you need to have protected sex 7 days prior to getting the implanon removed...why is that?? I just booked an appointment to get mine removed in a few weeks because my hu...

Sunday 13 July 08:20pm

Teneale88 replied to topic Planning your own baby shower

I'm currently ttc and am a highly organised freak lol When I'm pregnant there are a few details I've already nailed down for my shower: Guest list Location Catering And I would love...

Sunday 30 March 05:47pm

Teneale88 replied to topic How old was yr baby when you left them with grandparents

Hmm I'm ttc ATM and have been around babies my whole life. My best gf has 2girls under 2, and in addition to working part time about once a month her and her fiancé go on a date night and lea...

Sunday 30 March 05:35pm

Teneale88 started new topic 3-1 rocker napper

Hey all, I'm baby mad and am ttc with my husband. I came across an item called the 3 in 1 rocker napper. It looks fantastic however just curious if anyone has used this or has any comments ab...

Sunday 30 March 05:25pm

Teneale88 replied to topic Concieving after Implanon

Hi guys, My husband and I are also in the process to ttc. I've had the implanon in my system for 7 years now and if all goes to plan will be getting it out in the next few weeks however we&#x...

Sunday 30 March 05:21pm
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