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LisaWatson12 replied to topic Turn your children’s negativity attitude into positive

The only solution to stay away your child from all the negativeness is to spend much time to couch them about the positive attitude, positiveness & nourish them with lots of love and positive e...

Monday 27 April 08:53pm

LisaWatson12 replied to topic Best baby carrier?? Any recommendations?

I think ergo should be the best baby carrier for newborns and young babies. It is comfortable for babies as well as for parents to carry out.

Monday 27 April 07:26pm

LisaWatson12 started new topic What instructions should be followed during pregnancy?

Actually one of my best friend is pregnant and I want her to suggest the instructions!! So please suggest me some instructions!!

Tuesday 21 April 09:06pm

LisaWatson12 replied to topic Miscarried twice last year, nervously 5 weeks pregnant today

I am so sorry dear! But please don't loose your hope. Be positive & believe in God. Everything will be fine dear.

Wednesday 15 April 10:29pm

LisaWatson12 replied to topic I need some advice...

Congratulations & Celebrations!! You know Leah, it is really very hard time for your sister & other side for you in telling everyone about this good news. Just tell your sister privately ...

Wednesday 15 April 10:22pm

LisaWatson12 replied to topic What is your young babies hair like and how do you style it??

Firstly, I want to say that your baby is really so cute and I think no need to do anything with her hair. They are looking good openly.

Wednesday 15 April 10:06pm
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