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amulet started new topic Search field for Huggies barcodes request

Wouldn't it be great if Huggies had a search field for all Huggies barcodes since there are so many competitions run by Huggies that are based on barcodes? Some mummies like me, and new ones too,...

Monday 26 January 09:36pm

amulet replied to topic Glucose test grrrrr!

I didn't feel sick - I was fine. I had to do the long test on my first go this time round because I had Gestational Diabetes in my last pregnancy. Anyway, the pathologist gave me the wrong drink ie...

Wednesday 06 February 01:17pm

amulet replied to topic GROWING PAINS!!!!

There is an article on Growing Pains in Practical Parenting this month. I showed my mum and she said she never knew about it. She never understood what was happening to me and neither did doctors b...

Wednesday 23 January 01:50pm

amulet replied to topic The Duggar Family (USA)

I would love to have lots of kids. I wanted 4 but my husband only wanted 2. We are having our third child this May so it's a compromise. My husband thinks I can't handle having lots of kids cos I h...

Friday 11 January 02:03pm

amulet replied to topic What's your view on buying kids toys?

I think it's okay if it's educational stuff. If I didn't get these toys for my kids, I would feel guilty as all the other kids around us have heaps of toys so I don't want my kids to miss out at al...

Thursday 03 January 01:45pm

amulet replied to topic GROWING PAINS!!!!

oh my gosh I used to get these pains in my legs when I was around 4. My mum thought I was making it up and couldn't understand why I was in so much pain and I couldnt' explain it either. I remember...

Thursday 03 January 01:07pm

amulet replied to topic Dying of Boredom

Hi Mel, I also have 2 girls - 3 yo and 20 months. I was a stay at home mum for 2.5 years (from the time my eldest was born). I totally understand how you feel... I felt trapped and felt there was ...

Thursday 20 December 12:16pm

amulet replied to topic ARGHHHH So Over It!!!

Hi Kylz, I hate waiting too!!! I heard a lot of sex and exercise helps. My first was 4kg and she was a week early. Second time round I had to remind my Ob that my first was 4kg so that he'd indu...

Tuesday 27 November 02:20pm

amulet replied to topic Throat infections

Hi cpjohnson, Thanks for the advice, it sounds good! The last thing I want to do is harm my baby. Will definitely check out a health shop. I am really tired of being sick. Also I noticed we are b...

Friday 23 November 03:18pm

amulet started new topic Throat infections

Hi everyone, I am currently 17 weeks pregnant and have had 3 throat infections in this time!!! I am sick of it. It affects my eating as I don't feel like eating when I am sick and when I force my...

Thursday 22 November 09:24am

amulet replied to topic Musical Mat

I sent in my barcodes and payment for the mat almost 5 weeks ago and still haven't heard anything back from them. I rang Huggies up last week and the lady told me that they've received my claim for...

Friday 25 May 01:32pm

amulet replied to topic Chinese Birth Charts- work or not?

Just a query, is the chart only for this year or can it be used over and over again? Cos I'd like to have a baby in 2010.

Sunday 06 May 02:25pm

amulet replied to topic Migraine Pain

I suffer from migraines too... For a time they went away but now they are back with a vengeance. I have been getting sometimes dull headaches which clear after a good nights sleep, and sometimes th...

Wednesday 02 May 12:43pm

amulet replied to topic REJECTED: BIG TIME!!

Kat I actually want more kids but dh says 2 is enough and I want to change his mind

Monday 23 April 03:46pm

amulet started new topic Fresh TV cooking show

Hi, does anyone watch Fresh on Ch 9? I love this cooking show. I've learnt so many good recipes, such as caesar salad, fish dishes and cake recipes. But I have been wondering, what's happened to Je...

Monday 23 April 01:43pm

amulet replied to topic Not enough milk?

Hi Bec, I have a 3.5 month old and some days I seem to have lots of milk and other days I seem to have little milk. Sometimes I think my baby has drained me but cos I felt she could have more, I le...

Wednesday 31 May 07:38am

amulet replied to topic silblings 13 months apart

Hi Oscarsmum I have an 18 month old and a 3 month old. At first it was hard but now that the little one is sort of in a routine things are getting easier. Routine is the key as baby will be more se...

Tuesday 23 May 07:24pm

amulet replied to topic Wedding Photographer from HELL!!!!!

Hi, My photographer took a while to get back to us with our wedding album but when we got it back within the year, we were very happy with it. I hope you get your album soon. Your photos look gorg...

Tuesday 23 May 10:45am

amulet replied to topic A sad story.

That is soo sad. I really feel for the woman. I saw this on a TV show once years ago (some sort of CSI) and was shocked. When I had my baby the midwife also showed me how to feed baby while lying d...

Tuesday 16 May 11:37am

amulet replied to topic Boobs - one bigger than the other!

Hi cutiesgirlmum, are you left handed? I told my dr that my left boob was bigger and she said that's usually the case with right handers... I can't figure that one out. I thought it's cos my bub pr...

Saturday 06 May 09:44am
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