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kimmy 81

kimmy 81 replied to topic Dermoid Cyst on my toddlers face

Hi There.. My daughter also had a dermoid cyst on her eye and yes we also had it removed, she was 13months old at the time. The surgery took about an hour from when she went in till recovery(that w...

Thursday 03 September 08:50am
kimmy 81

kimmy 81 replied to topic Reflux not getting any better at 8 months

Hi There... I would love to say it goes away, but my son is 2 next month and still suffers from silent reflux. He has gotten better with dealing with it and we have been able to wean him off meds, ...

Monday 31 August 05:08pm
kimmy 81

kimmy 81 replied to topic Anyone had an eye cyst before!!!

Hi there. My daughter had a dermoid cyst in the corner of her eye, and the same thing they told me it needed to be removed. This was done at 15 months old, and to be honest it was harder on me then...

Sunday 28 June 04:31pm
kimmy 81

kimmy 81 started new topic Primary Ciliary dyskensia

Just wondering if any other parents have a child diagnosed with PCD or immotile cilia. My son 20mths is being treated for this condition but still waiting for tests to comfirm. We are finding it re...

Sunday 21 June 05:59pm
kimmy 81

kimmy 81 started new topic PCD

Hi I was just looking for any information on the condition Primary Ciliary Dyskensia. It looks like my 18 mth has but our specialist won't do the test until he is 2. Is there any other parents tha...

Sunday 12 April 04:53pm
kimmy 81

kimmy 81 replied to topic GOOD Paediatrician for REFLUX BABY WANTED - Sydney!

Hi, I'm not sure if this will help, but there are gastrointestinal paed's that deal with mainly these issues. i know of one at Randwick children's hosital that apparently is really good. I think y...

Sunday 14 September 04:40pm
kimmy 81

kimmy 81 replied to topic Asthma??? Please help

i hope your little man is now feeling a little better.. My son was actually diagnosed with asthma at 6months old.. He has had broncilitis 5 times since April and we have been on many preventers tha...

Tuesday 09 September 09:08am
kimmy 81

kimmy 81 started new topic burst eardrum

Hey There My 9 month old son has just been diagnosed with a burst eardrum. He is now on 4 weeks antibiotics and has to have hearing tests done to make sure there is no permanant damage. Has anyone ...

Sunday 03 August 04:39pm
kimmy 81

kimmy 81 replied to topic Asthma

Hi there my son has been diagnosed with infantile asthma (only 6 months at the time), and i also thought it couldnt be diagnosed until 2. He has no garentee that the medication that he is on will w...

Sunday 03 August 04:35pm
kimmy 81

kimmy 81 replied to topic Silent Reflux

Hi i just thought id share my sympathies with all that have had a child with silent refulux... My daughter now 3 had pretty ordinary reflux once she threw up she was fine, but my little man (now 9 ...

Tuesday 22 July 04:38pm
kimmy 81

kimmy 81 replied to topic epilepsy

Hi. I have a 20 month old girl, who has not been diagnosed with epilepsy, but has suffered from seizures and we are going through tests now to see if it could be epilepsy. we about to have the eeg...

Wednesday 10 January 06:18pm
kimmy 81

kimmy 81 replied to topic Quakers Hill....

Hi, My name is Kim and i am 25, i have a 16 month old daughter... I live in Quakers Hill and love taking my little one to the park! Where abouts are you moving from?

Thursday 21 September 04:07pm
kimmy 81

kimmy 81 started new topic any young mums in castle hill area??

Hi my name is Kim and i am 24 from Quakers Hill.. I have a 15 month old daughter called Alexi. Could you send me some more info about your mothers group? Thanks...

Sunday 13 August 05:20pm
kimmy 81

kimmy 81 replied to topic Operation and anaesthetic

HI Well i'm in the same boat. My daughter is having surgery on 3rd of july, and i am petrified... Please let me know how things go. I hope everything goes well and please let us know... Thanks Kim

Thursday 08 June 03:56pm
kimmy 81

kimmy 81 replied to topic Vaccum Extraction

Hi Rach, My daughter was born via vaccum extraction, and i haven't experienced what your son is going through, but my little one suffered sezuires and suspected brain bleeds. (not trying to scare ...

Monday 05 June 06:57am
kimmy 81

kimmy 81 replied to topic Spewy Baby

Hi Jasi's mum, My daughter had the same thing, normally she threw up just after a feed then just when she was due for the next feed. We switched her to Karicare AR, a thickened formula, and she ha...

Friday 02 June 08:57am
kimmy 81

kimmy 81 replied to topic Anybody using Blacktown Birth Centre?

Hi Becky, My name is Kim and i had my now 1 year old at Blacktown Hospital. I didn't have her in the Birth Center as i was 10 days overdue and had to be induced. I found them fantastic and definen...

Tuesday 23 May 09:20am
kimmy 81

kimmy 81 started new topic fontenelle still open

I have a 11 1/2 month old daughter that still has a very large fontenelle. My chn says that it is still larger than a newborns size. We have seen a pediatrician and he was not concerned and told me...

Saturday 29 April 05:18am
kimmy 81

kimmy 81 started new topic head circumfrence not growing

Hi my daughter is 10 1/2 months, and for the last 2 months her head has just stopped growing? It was always growing in preportion to her but now everything else is still growing but her head isn't....

Monday 03 April 10:09am
kimmy 81

kimmy 81 replied to topic help i dont know what to do

Hi my name is Kim and i am 24 with a 9 month old. Can i just say i'm really sorry for your situation and i couldn't imagine what you are going through, but if you ever need to chat my email address...

Wednesday 15 February 05:46pm
kimmy 81
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